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im getting bored, with a lot of things. i have no homework, so i cant do any of that, i already finished all my wii games, i got pro status in all my wii sports, i finished zelda and i have atleast a silver medal and a couple platinum ones in Wiiplay. none of the games seem to amaze me exceptionally on this website (however, there are a couple, but i already finished those too) all my brothers are off to university, its just my mom, who is try to get a university degree in cooking, cuz she already has several others and its one of those learn at home and take the test online things, and my dad, well, he isnt very active, and hes never home because of work. so its just me, my monthly $100, my grade nine life and my stupid typoes with the words "jsut" and "taht" (which i hate, can u guys help me wit that too?). i seriously need help. i no longer see the point in getting a lot of armor points, and the only motivation i have of coming back to armor games is that i have nothing else to do and some of the forums. most of my topics get deleted too, and who ever deletes my topics, please dont delete this one. im somewhat depressed, PLEASE, someone help me....

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