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I believe that everyone reading this has most likely played a video game at some point in his/her lifetime. A very integral part of the video game experience nowadays is the music and songs that are incorporated into the game play. The way it is implemented into the games can sometimes make or break a cut scene or a boss battle. I'd like for this thread to be used for the discussion of our favorite video game song tracks. If there's ever been a video game song that you can youtube and have it send shivers down your spine after having not played the actual game for a long time, then share it here!

I have one with which I'd like to start off the thread. It's a track from the game Shadow of the Colossus. It's entitled "The Opened Way." I haven't played the game for years, but hearing this song brings me back mentally to epic battles against giant behemoths. It's actually a really good musical piece in itself. If anyone else would happen to know of anything similar to that, then I'd be most grateful if you'd tell me about it. (courtesy of a google image search... I doubt the person who I got it from actually owned it, but there's a signature on there so I'm assuming it belongs to that person)

The next song is a fan made song for SotC. It's title is "Wander on the Offensive." It's a lot different from the normal SotC musical pieces, but I think it's been done really well. I think the video has a link to the owners of the song... along with a free owner endorsed download if you happen to like it. I really enjoy the violin or whatever instrument they used to fake the violin in this piece. If anyone happens to know of any other songs that incorporate similar instrumental work (the violin!!! ;D) I'd be grateful for that too.

I have more songs that I really enjoy that I'll gladly share if this thread gets off the ground.

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