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I dare you to claim that this is not a clear example of U.N. bias against Israel. This sort of stuff has been seen time after time after time in events like the Goldstone Report, the Zionism equals Racism vote, and the Durban Conferences. The U.N. needs to seriously reexamine what it stands for, because it has now become a sound-off board for those who wish to condemn Israel at every opportunity.

Discuss whether or not you think that the U.N. is biased against Israel.

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thanke you very much!

its realy hard, because i geet fire from both sides-
some call me traitor, some call me conquer.

and by the way, i will say it befor any one else will.
as i guese you heared {or maybe i will tell you}, ther is a "Activists Flight", wher allot of human right activists storme Ben - Gurion Airport. dont get me wrong, i belive that we need to let them in, let them see bu themselve what realy happen at gaza {not what they think, as a death camp}.
so My goverment decide to not let them get into Israel. kill me if i know why. they just dont want them to do a mess everywher, or even to stop them befor they will get hurt {getting into gaza is not a very smart idea for a man/women without an arabic look, speicely without this costum of hiding yourself [again, ther are some jewish groups in israel who do it too, im not against any individual}.
- i just saw a film that show a israli Lt. Col. hitting a Activist from Denemark. dont worry, military police arrested him, and he will propebly get a very nice punishment {i mean nice for justice, not for him}.
please dont Judge ua because of individuals acts. most of the soliders are welcome them with a letter from the prime-minister and some flowers {i dont say everyone agree with thuse activists, but they dont kill them or hurting them}.

i just dont want to see angry family members/peoples who know them/anyone who call me barbarian. i was angry too when i saw it, just as you.
here, see it

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