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[b]January 17th, 2027

12:38 a.m.

I woke up to the sounds of screaming, I quickly grabbed my glock and saw everything, it was so overwhelming. They got Sarah a friend of mine just 2 blocks off from my house. Though it was too dangerous to get out of my car and go inside my house or decide to help her out. Probably eight or nine , I couldn't risk it. I looked in horror as nine of those things just got her down on the floor and they were all on her like football players tackling a quarterback down. Then Bob her husband came out with a shotgun, it only took a while until they got him to, I closed my eyes and stayed in my car I grabbed my pillow and told myself 'Everything is going to be alright I can manage' I heard the screaming again. I started to cry. I layed my head down grabbed my covers and stayed in my car, as long as they were tinted I was safe from any zombie looking through them to see I was in there. It would only take time until I get out of this place.

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