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1)Missiles wrecker; this is by far the best working strategy for me in capitalist, but it only works in normal.
Build a bank, upgrade it, build 2 generators and upgrade them, build another bank and upgrade that. Wait until your team-mate needs you then demolish one of your banks and build a special operations. Then, well the clues in the name.
2)Adaptist;this strategy is for the unsure sort of person.
Basically, if your partner is going to build an outpost then you build a bank, generator, armoury, and forge an any order. If your partner is going to build a forge, then do the same, but change the generator to a hospital, and the forge to an outpost. Simple!
1) Rusher; I find this works in the early game a lot more than in the late game.
Start off with either a Forge, or an outpost and start a basic defence off (marines and tanks, or romans and scouts).
For the communist separate them into groups by advancing and retreating the marines and holding the tanks. Then bring your weaker group forward (marines or romans) and hold them just so the opponent can see it. Now this doesn't always work, but it may tempt them into building the unit countering them eg. tanks. If that happens then send your stronger force forward in this case its scouts. Then its your ideas onward. So basically keep attacking with the countering group as you get different units to survive.
1)Blinding Sakatas; This works well if no-one decides to rush and if you do it very quickly.
Build a bank, then an armoury. Set it to energy if you want more but later, and cash if you want its quicker but less. Then build a generator, upgrade it, then a forge and upgrade it into a mechanics terminal. After that make lots of sakata spiders to blind them with speed. If you are uncomfortable that you wont make it till then, build your generator after your forge.
1)missile guard; a quick and easy technique to be used in a missile dead heat.
Since it is useful to be used in the later game, there's no point in telling you what to build, apart from a hospital and either a special operations, or an arsenal. Create either an a27 pride for a spec ops, or a hover tank from arsenal. it doesn't matter how many, just put them in front of the units prone to missiles so that they don't get the sack. Get as many medics as you can, then put them close enough to heal the missile guard, but not to get hit by any missiles.

That's all i can think of for now, so i'll let you no if there are any more.
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Saints and Sphinx.

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