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Well, it's happened again. Israel retaliates against Hamas and Palestinian militants for firing rockets into Israel, and then CNN, Fox, and BBC cover the story with headlines such as, Palestinians killed in Gaza air strikes, and Israeli air strike kills six Palestinians. No where on either of these sights do they mention that more than 50 rockets were fired into Israel.. First off, where is the international condemnation for these clear terrorist attacks against civilians? How come the U.N. hasn't issued a resolution declaring the attacks to be illegal? And why isn't this getting more news coverage than a retaliation strike?

There are clear cut examples of this every day in the international media. Every time a Palestinian is killed by Israelis, or a mosque is vandalized by settlers, the news jumps on it like it's WWIII. However, a rocket launched into Sderot? Nothing. Ashdod? Who cares? How about Beersheba? Nada. Obviously the plight of poor terrorists is more important that those of evil Israeli citizens.

Why is the media so against Israel? Discuss...and yes, I know. This will eventually turn into an argument about the legitimacy of Israel >.<

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