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Feb 15, 2018


Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this unique idle/clicking game mashup! Train, upgrade and manage your army to prepare for waging endless battles in the WarZone. Focus on becoming the most renowned Warlord and provider of arms or chase glory on the battlefield as you climb military ranks!

The game starts off in BootCamp where you focus on building a powerful army. Unlock new units, upgrade their production, deploy units off to battle in exchange for attracting dirty army contractors that will super-size your production! Best of all, you can amass trainers that will do all the work for you, even while you're away.

And once you're ready, head off to the WarZone where you will fight battles for glory... and loot! All that precious gold you can gather via various activities and completing missions, will provide you that extra boost to your BootCamp production as well as improve the strength of your army.

But to really stand out from rest of the competition, you will have to collaborate with your countrymen in invasions where you destroy enemy bases to get massive war spoils! If you are focused on chasing that glory as a hero or care more about your renown in the world, there's plenty of options that are presented to you during the game to differentiate from others and focus on your priorities!


Everything is controlled via mouse/tap (it is playable on mobile, though NOT optimized for it).
There's a tutorial guiding your through ins and outs of the game so just get in there and you'll know what to do! :)

September 21, 2018

Development update – Sep21
We have just deployed a few improvements that should improve your playing experience: - AC flash animation on out of fuel fixed - Daily mission score proper working now in all cases - Fuel rounding issue sorted in open case on JS - Sound no longer starts on focus during loading - How to get more Gold clarifications added (new popup)
We can’t wait to release new cool stuff that is planned for the next week!

September 20, 2018

Update 20th September

Today we deployed an update that covers several rather small, but extremely important bugfixes and improvements:

  • Resolved several bugs with Autoclicker in War Zone where it stopped working
  • also resolved some cases where some issue with sounds when zone switches could cause the game main loop to stop, cause various bugs/display issues (Boss fight not starting, autoclicker not working, boot camp cycling to stop working..)
  • Major frontend display/sync issue solved where when getting into Boot Camp, or coming back in tab focus after a while, would properly immediately add spendable Power Points, but not "run points" and "total points", which caused issues with Renown progress, time warps, contractor gain if player would not "reinit" Boot Camp afterwards. Everything was properly added before on backend, but this frontend sync caused several things look and feel buggy.
  • WZ explosions showing after certain popups bug solved
  • "Hire ALL trainers" button added to Trainers popup to make post-deploy/privatization a bit more convenient. * it only shows when you've trainers available to hire
  • Other smaller bugfixes, design and experience improvements

To end the week off with, tomorrow we'll try to resolve as many of these annoying issues/cool improvements: Time Challenge NaN issue, Daily Mission problems with collect/score bug, Daily Mission clicks counting 2x/3x/6x with double/triple DPC active make it much clearer how you can earn free gold with in-game activites, "Power Point total Gain per Second" setting addition to Boot Camp

Next week there's several balancing improvements on our priority list to finish ("next tier" Army setup DPC upgrades, Boot Camp upgrades improved at various points + many added at late game, potential addition of Battle Stars reward bonus multiplier on unit kills during farming battles), on top of some other cool quality of life and experience improvements :)

September 14, 2018

Update - 14th September

We have just deployed a set of first important progression and balance changes for War Zone, that will make your experience better and more dynamic (especially at later stages - Battle 500+). In short, this was changed:

  • Boss battle health multiplicator reduced from 1200th battle onwards
  • Boss BS rewards scaling improved from battle 500 onwards (Up to 30x more!)
  • Every 100th battle BS reward per health point from regular battles increased by 1.1x to keep up with Boss rewards (up to 20x more at later stages)

This will help make Army Setup upgrades more viable at all stages. We plan to work on army setup upgrades specifically next week, as well as better rewards from farming battles. Improvements to Boot Camp upgrades are also coming next week!

Additionally, the past few days we also worked on improving sounds balancing, reworked the Convert popup to be more clear and worked on other bugfixes and improvements.

We are focusing on bugfixes, experience and balance improvements for about 2 weeks more, before we'll start getting to improving some other core game features :)
War Clicks team

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