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Feb 15, 2018


Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this unique idle/clicking game mashup! Train, upgrade and manage your army to prepare for waging endless battles in the War Zone. Focus on becoming the most renowned Warlord and provider of arms or chase glory on the battlefield as you climb military ranks!

The game starts off in Boot Camp where you focus on building a powerful army. Unlock new units, upgrade their production, deploy units off to battle in exchange for attracting dirty army contractors that will super-size your production! Best of all, you can amass trainers that will do all the work for you, even while you're away.

And once you're ready, head off to the War Zone where you will fight battles for glory... and loot! All that precious gold you can gather via various activities and completing missions, will provide you that extra boost to your Boot Camp production as well as improve the strength of your army.

But to really stand out from rest of the competition, you will have to collaborate with your countrymen in invasions where you destroy enemy bases to get massive war spoils! If you are focused on chasing that glory as a hero or care more about your renown in the world, there's plenty of options that are presented to you during the game to differentiate from others and focus on your priorities!

Join War Clicks' Discord here: https://discord.gg/jJ8jEPBh9r


Everything is controlled via mouse/tap (it is playable on mobile, though NOT optimized for it).
There's a tutorial guiding your through ins and outs of the game so just get in there and you'll know what to do! :)

September 19, 2022

NEW Event Started: Establish a worldwide rental business! We’re running a new event right now, where all will be about renting houses, apartments, hotels... You start as a small Real estate owner, expanding your way up by renting new apartments, finding tenants to fill up empty rooms, and generate cash to become a rich estate mogul! But, it won’t be that easy! Your mission will be to find out the right balance between the rental business and renewable energy sources to keep your rentals running! Do you have what it takes to become a rich Real Estate mogul? The event is running between Sep19-22, 12:00 GMT. Rewards for playing the event are waiting for you to collect ;) Good luck with playing the Event!

August 15, 2022

Event is live now! How many countries can you visit today?

Become a small business owner, expand your business and earn enough cash to travel the whole world!

The better you do, the bigger the rewards will be ;)

We’ll also deliver special Life-time Titles to the TOP 11 players of this event, which is running from today, August 15-19 (12:00 GMT).

What are you waiting for, jump in and start playing the Event! ;)

We’d love to share this event with your friends as well, so in case you have a minute before you dig into the event - please share our posts on your preferred social:



*or forward this invitation to your friends directly.
BTW: the better you know your opponents, the more fun you can expect during this week's Event;)

May 9, 2022

Finally back after a massive downtime + compensation

Hello everyone,

We'd like to thank you all again for your patience and understanding as we resolved the downtime issues when War Clicks was not playable during 25th April - 7th May. We tried to keep you up to date and explain the situation in our maintenance notes – we do realize how absurd the situation sounded and how we were not able to do much about it on our side as the issue was only fixable by the 3rd party handling the Database cluster we are using, but it is the truth and anything in our power we could do, we did. To stay as closest as possible to our game & the updates please join our Discord, if you haven't yet: https://discord.gg/bUaz7ZU

That said, things are now finally back, and below you will also find information on how we have compensated everyone for the downtime.

The downtime has affected everyone in several regards, and we've come up with a massive package of compensation to help make up for the lost progress, as well as make the return to War Clicks that bit more exciting!

  • Starting now and until the end of 20th May, the “DOWNTIME POWER” boost is active, granting you 2x production and DPC boost! (intended to compensate lost time and no alliance boosts this week)
  • Claim promo codes “DOWNPACK31” and “DOWNPACK32” to get 100 Time Challenges & 20 Wheel Spins (intended to compensate lost daily fuels, rewards etc.)
    The codes must be claimed before 31st May!
  • Anyone who has/had a 2x/3x DPC boosts lasting beyond 25th April, has just had those extended by another 14 days!
  • Due to how CHQ & alliance fights work, they unfortunately will NOT be working this weekend, as the system needs 2 days of normal operation to enable that. That said, we will manually add a week of alliance boost on Monday afternoon, to everyone who participated in at least one country invasion till then

Furthermore, we expect to soon get to some additional server optimizations, which should ensure even better stability & performance going forward.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during these massive issues – we can't express how heavily it also affected our own team in various ways, so we're just happy we are now back, and can move forwards again!

- War Clicks team
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