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Feb 15, 2018


Get under the wing of General MasterClicker in this unique idle/clicking game mashup! Train, upgrade and manage your army to prepare for waging endless battles in the War Zone. Focus on becoming the most renowned Warlord and provider of arms or chase glory on the battlefield as you climb military ranks!

The game starts off in Boot Camp where you focus on building a powerful army. Unlock new units, upgrade their production, deploy units off to battle in exchange for attracting dirty army contractors that will super-size your production! Best of all, you can amass trainers that will do all the work for you, even while you're away.

And once you're ready, head off to the War Zone where you will fight battles for glory... and loot! All that precious gold you can gather via various activities and completing missions, will provide you that extra boost to your Boot Camp production as well as improve the strength of your army.

But to really stand out from rest of the competition, you will have to collaborate with your countrymen in invasions where you destroy enemy bases to get massive war spoils! If you are focused on chasing that glory as a hero or care more about your renown in the world, there's plenty of options that are presented to you during the game to differentiate from others and focus on your priorities!

Join War Clicks' Discord here: https://discord.gg/jJ8jEPBh9r


Everything is controlled via mouse/tap (it is playable on mobile, though NOT optimized for it).
There's a tutorial guiding your through ins and outs of the game so just get in there and you'll know what to do! :)

March 29, 2024

The Easter Egg Hunt Event has officially commenced! This is your call to arms to dive into a festive adventure where strategy, excitement, and rewards blend into an exhilarating experience.

Event Overview
The Easter Pals are on a mission, under the guidance of the Easter Bunny, to sprinkle joy across the globe with an abundance of hidden Easter eggs. Your expertise is needed to lead these diligent Pals, ensuring their efforts maximize joy and excitement worldwide.

Your Mission
Strategize and command the Easter Pals to outperform competitors and secure the title of the highest egg-citing country. Triumph in this event and be honored with the prestigious lifetime title of “Egg-Citer.” Aim for the top tiers to unlock significant boosts that will propel your War Clicks journey to new heights.

By participating and achieving milestones within the event, you'll gather Research Points, Gold, Time Warps, and Production Boosters to boost your Boot Camp progress. These rewards are designed to enhance your gameplay and provide you with an edge in your War Clicks endeavors.

Event Duration
The hunt is on but not for long. Make your mark before the event ends on Tuesday, April 2nd, at 12:00 GMT.

The competition is fierce, but we know you have what it takes to rise to the top.

Don't miss out on this egg-ceptional opportunity and begin your quest for glory and rewards.

War Clicks Team

March 15, 2024

As we mark the 8th year since War Clicks first stormed the gaming arena, it’s time to rally your spirits and get into an epic quest. The Anniversary Event is upon us, and your courage is called upon to spread the might and glory of War Clicks across all 195 corners of the globe. Are you ready to imprint your name in the annals of our game's storied history?

Time to Fight!
The game is afoot, and the Anniversary Event calls to you. This isn’t just another battle; it’s an effort to amplify War Clicks' renown far and wide, inviting every soul to experience its unparalleled thrill. This mission demands your swift action and strategic prowess, as only the swiftest and smartest will conquer the lofty goal we set before you.

🏆Victory Awaits
The warrior who drives our cause to the greatest heights will not only emerge victorious in the Event but will also join the ranks of the elite, with rewards that reflect the greatness of their success. However, do not worry if the top appears far away - various levels of competition guarantee that everyone has a shot at triumph. Aim for the peak and grab the biggest boosts to strengthen your arsenal.

The Clock is Ticking
Remember, warriors, time waits for no one. The Anniversary Event just started and ends on Monday, March 18th, at precisely 12:00 (noon) GMT. Let not a moment go to waste; the time to act is now!

Best of luck! Let's make it memorable!

Onward to glory,
War Clicks Team

September 29, 2023

Hello all,
Are you ready to turn your real estate dreams into reality? The Rental Property Business Event is in full swing, and you don't want to miss out on the chance to become the ultimate real estate mogul! 🏡💼

Event Overview

Embark on the journey of a lifetime as you start your own rental business, managing properties ranging from cozy houses to luxurious hotels. Your goal? Rise from a small real estate owner to a mogul by signing lucrative contracts with travel agencies. But here's the twist—maintain the delicate balance between your rental business and renewable energy sources to keep those cash flows steady. It's not just about making money; it's about making a mark in the world of real estate!

🏆 Dominate the Leaderboards: Rise to Real Estate Victory!

Think you have what it takes to outshine the competition? The player who signs the most contracts with travel agencies will emerge victorious! Seize this opportunity to showcase your strategic prowess and secure your spot as the top real estate mogul.

Your Mission:

Your primary objective is crystal clear—sign 200 contracts to claim the title of one rich real estate mogul! The road to success is paved with challenges, but fear not. You can also earn additional boosts by outperforming your fellow players. It's not just about the contracts; it's about being the best!

Time is of the Essence

The Rental Property Business Event is reaching its grand finale on Sunday, October 1st. This is your final call to immerse yourself in the world of real estate, sign those game-changing contracts, and pave your way to glory. Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

Are you ready to make a mark in the real estate industry? The journey awaits, and the time to act is now. Start playing now and dive into the Rental Property Business Event to make your mark as the ultimate real estate mogul!

Best of luck! May your contracts be plentiful, and your success be boundless!

War Clicks team

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