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[STICKY] [NOTICE] Legacy of a Thousand Suns is closing February 29th last post 1 94
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Romanian Chat Room last post 4 98
[LOCKED] Contesting bans is impossible on Armorgames last post 0 93
[LOCKED] I am contesting my ban last post 1 93
Spontaneous Riddles! PRIZES! last post 52 5,570
[LOCKED] Website Maintenance: February 1st @ 9-pm PST / 2-February @ 5-am UTC last post 3 153
(Suggestion) Idea for a new zombie game last post 1 35
Possibly re-arange comments on games based on upvotes last post 1 35
A hell of a lot more people would turn off their ad blockers if your site ads weren't so irritati... last post 9 158
Finally a way to stop audio ads :))) last post 0 70
[Looked at...] new ads last post 14 1,164
Question to those who think about quitting AG just because of the ads last post 0 55
Epic forum glitch upon going to a nonexistent page of a thread last post 1 80
Extra ad whie playing last post 2 85
What about finding users from the search box? last post 1 86
[Answered] Armorgames removes last post 2 175