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Religions of Armor Games

Posted Sep 16, '12 at 8:53pm



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Agnostic Theistic here. I have very complicated religious views, but that would probably describe me best.

And for StarOfPathz and anyone else thinking something similar: Religion is not logical. Ever. Everyone has their own reasons for believing in what they do, but there is only a handful of religions that actually are 100% logical. And also, the fact that all religions contradict Christianity doesn't really meaning anything. I don't think there is even a single religion that isn't contradicted by all others. If religions didn't contradict eachother, then they would be both the same things.


Posted Sep 17, '12 at 2:47am



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I have very complicated religious views, but that would probably describe me best.

In my experience this usually means the views aren't very well grounded and the person simply isn't sure how to justify those beliefs. This is often the result of beliefs going unchallenged, intellectually speaking.

I would very much recommend discussing them in further detail. It will very much help you form ways of explaining your beliefs so that it doesn't seem so complicated. Or you might find huge errors in your belief system that could end up either being patched or end up with that belief being discarded for a stronger more reliable one.

Again link i posted in my last post here is a good place for that discussion to take place.

Posted Sep 20, '12 at 7:59pm



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I'm atheist. I'm mostly against religion in the fact that I believe that nothing is all powerful and created us or exists outside of space and time. I also am against organized religion because of the confrontation and division of cultures it causes. Almost every war in recorded history is about religion. If it weren't for the church controlling government for almost 1000 years and stopping any tampering in any form of science since that was reserved for the "Superior Being", imagine how far along the human race would be. My favorite way to put things is as such-I believe in ethics, not theism.

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