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What Games Do You Want To See On ArmorGames?

Posted May 5, '13 at 6:37pm



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I'm not sure if this thread is still "alive" but, there is a lot of good games that ArmorGames don't have, here it is some suggestions(most of them are kinda old but still good games):

Developer - (game list of games on kong)
Game: Bow Street Runner (an amazing point and click game divided into 5 episodes - game review by jayisgames here).

Developer - Bezerk Studio: (game list of games on kong)
Games: Homerun In Berzerk Land: Berzerk Ball, Mechanical Commando and Mechanical Commando 2.

Developer - DigYourOwnGrave: (game list of games on kong)
Games: Vector Runner and Arachnophilia.

Developer - Zanzarino:
Game: Elements.

Developer - Kurechii:
Game: The King's League: Odyssey.

Developer - Theswain: (game list of games on kong)
Game: Mastermind: World Conquerer.

Developer - Rete: (game list of games on kong)
Games: Villainous, I Have 1 Day and Don't **** Your Pants.

Developer - Mirosurabu: (game list of games on kong)
Game: Depict1.

Developer - CasualCollective: (game list of games on kong)
Games: The Space Game, The Space Game: Missions, Desktop TD Pro and Splitter 2.

Developer - Pastelgames: (game list of games on kong)
Game: The Trader of Stories.

Developer - NobStudio: (game list of games on kong)
Game: Book of Mages: The Dark Times.

Developer - JaggedBladeSoft: (game list of games on kong)
Games: Dead Frontier: Outbreak and Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2.

Developer - Distractionbeast: (game list of games on kong)
Games: Brute Wars and Brute Wars 2.

Developer - Ryankhatam:
Games: Johnny Rocketfingers and Johnny Rocketfingers 2.

OK, I think this list is getting too big, so I guess I should stop here. xD

Just one more, Scriball from TheGameHomepage.
LOL no, I'm joking, never put this game on AG, if anyone of you haven't played this game before don't even click the link, trust me this game is evil and will consume your soul! =P

Ps.: As mentioned before by other users, also the Mardek series(by Pseudolonewolf), I hope you can manage to bring the third and the new versions of the first and second chapter.

-No Stress.


Posted May 5, '13 at 8:01pm



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New feature? Killersup went to change his password today when a strength conformity came up with a kingdom rush picture. Explanation?


Posted May 6, '13 at 5:27pm



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Why is this game not on ArmorGames?


Posted May 6, '13 at 6:23pm



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I'm not sure if this thread is still "alive"

I think it's still read by the admins.

Posted May 7, '13 at 1:35am



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I wonder why there hasn't been 2D side-scroller,adventure,shooting games :/


Posted May 7, '13 at 7:37am



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Why there's no newsletter now? I want to see a "no light" feature from newgrounds (all is dark, only game is visible)


Posted May 7, '13 at 5:49pm



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I'll second Book of Mages, surprised I missed that one. I'm not really one for point and click games but Trader of Stories is decent just because of the art and atmosphere. Also, Caravaneer 2 is about to be released after a 5 or 6 year interlude, and should be a big hit once out, Armorgames should look into it.


Posted May 7, '13 at 8:59pm



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New game called Caribbean Admiral is decent also but has a bug preventing farther travel I think.


Posted May 8, '13 at 11:14pm



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Jack Lantern


Posted May 17, '13 at 4:47pm



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Mystery IQ test

Not really sure why its still not on AG.

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