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Game of the year.

Posted Jul 3, '13 at 8:22pm



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Um... little big planet 2 for 2012


Posted Jul 4, '13 at 12:45am



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It's one of the main reasons Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was so fun to me. Although that game could be said to be innovative and it had solid mechanics.

Blood Dragon was surprisingly good for how short it is, The cinematics, (although dirty) were great too. I really enjoyed the visual effects and the storyline. The whole game made you feel like Terminator or some other awesome bad a". I was just sad to see the game end so quickly, even after I collected all the collectibles I still felt the game was cut too short. It definitely has the potential to be its own game and series. Maybe they will make a Blood Dragon 2 in the future. BUt besides that, it was a great game with great graphics, great story and an awesome character with super cool moves.
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