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Heroes of Irridia (Fantasy rpg)

Posted Mar 4, '13 at 5:44pm



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I think i'll call quits on this one. It was fun, but I lost drive in this. I have no motivation anymore. Maybe someday I will reboot it someday. Hope you all enjoyed the game.


Posted Aug 8, '13 at 5:58pm



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Character Charts:The Alliance
Class: Rogue
Primary Attributes: Strength Charm Dexterity
Secondary Attributes: Mana Hp
Inv.: I Wish for 2 Hidden blades A crossbow and a knife
Gold: 100
Description: Very fast and quiet, Johnny was born and raised a human and also grew up to be a umm well a theif, He sneakily steals apples from stands and can even pickpocket without anyone noticing, While he grows up he starts thinking "why not help my father fend off intruders" and thats how he became a rogue assassin accepting missions and killing like a boss

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