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[READ] The New Armor Games

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Posted Jan 21, '13 at 2:28pm



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[b] I think I like the old armor games better. What happened to all of the rankings? How about the Armatars what do we do with our Armor Points now? What is the point of the quests you aren't getting anything expect a badge? Tell me which one you like best the new Armor Games or the old Armor Games. http://


Posted Jan 21, '13 at 4:03pm



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The new Armor Games is not complete. Also, your image is broken. In addition, feedback on the new Armor Games goes here.


Posted Jan 21, '13 at 5:36pm



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There's no need to make a thread about which 'version' of ArmorGames you like best, since the 'old' ArmorGames is no more... this website is constantly evolving, currently into the new 'AG3' as it is popular called. Making a thread about it only starts a discussion that is futile, probably up to the point of throwing ideas into a bottomless pit...

If you want to give feedback on the new website, do this in the "News, Feedback & Suggestions" forum, but do not make a similar thread like this one there please...

This one is locked. =)