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Thoughts on Mormonism

Posted Feb 26, '13 at 7:49am



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I really don't care if Internet people look at me as 'unprofessional'.

just keep on walking. you walked out and didn't want to think out it. no need for this after-rambling when the debate isn't finished.
people can learn from other people but only if they are willing to listen and think about it.
your not willing to think about it. so we have no need to tell you anything.
we dont really care that your close minded, it's just a pity we have spended time on you. whit the turnout that you dont want to think out it.
what a waste of time.

Posted Feb 27, '13 at 6:12am



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I mean, I appreciate that you're trying to help me. I do, but it's not very important to me how I'm seen in here. Especially because I'm almost never on.

Is the truth important to you? Because believing something on faith or flimsy reasoning is no way to go about it.

Posted Mar 12, '13 at 3:39pm



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I have friends who are mormon. The have strong family morals. No big deal to me, I have friends who are Muslim too and atheists and even liberals. It's all fine with me just don't push it on me an we are all good is how I see it/

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