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End o' the world bucket list

Posted Feb 28, '13 at 5:55pm



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Saifur would make one, but it's too much typing.


Posted Feb 28, '13 at 9:17pm



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1.Roll a joint out of an anti marijauna pamplet (it's propoganda anyway)light on it on top of the White house smoke it with some famous rappers.

2.pee off a sky scaper (who doesnt want to do that)

3.Do some innapropriate things

4.punch three dudes in the face

5.more innapropriate stuff

6.blow all my money on weed, pizza, and orange soda

7.have a party with all the stuff on number six

8.I assume the party led to more innapropriate things around detroit in the general lee

10.blow somthing up

11.cuss out the president


Posted Feb 28, '13 at 11:06pm



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1. Throw random things off of Mt. Everest.
2. Put banana peels in inconvenient places.
3. Jump the Grand Canyon in a Solid Gold Ferrari.
4. Climb a mountain in Monument Valley, Buy sunglasses, put explosive in them, MI2 Style.
5. Make a Bonfire of plastic things.
6. Go on a Pyromaniacal Spree.
7. Search for Area 51.
8. Hijack a passenger plane and fly it into the Bermuda Triangle


Posted Mar 1, '13 at 1:16am



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1.Roll a joint out of an anti marijauna pamplet (it's propoganda anyway)light on it on top of the White house smoke it with some famous rappers.

Because weed smokes well in normal paper..

2. Put banana peels in inconvenient places.

Make it like this

7. Search for Area 51.

I assume you mean try to get inside..saying as how it isn't secret knowledge on where Area 51 is XD
The issue is IF there is what is believed to be in there

Posted Mar 2, '13 at 1:49pm



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1. Punch a random person in the face. LOL!
2. Go to all the places that are normally closed down to everyone
3. Light a house on fire
4. Kick down a door and yell "This is the police!"
5. Finally just before the world ends I'd take a plane and jump out at about 5 km height. I really want to take know what all these suicide people actually feel but normally Life is too good. But when the world ends it doesn't matter and I will have to be 100% sure it will end that day because otherwise everyone will think I was an idiot.


Posted Mar 2, '13 at 2:16pm



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1) Blow up a large building

2) Walk away awesomely in Slow-mo from above explosion as I remove sunglasses and look awesome

3) Travel the world and see everything, everywhere

4) Write a world famous book or poem

5) Get in a fight with twenty guys and walk away standing with my chest out

6) Forge a scythe from scratch and master fight styles with it.

7) Run a Marathon, or perhaps more, and finish first

8) write a classical style song and have it performed by a well known group

9) Sky dive

10) Teach my son the game of Baseball (if I have one)


Posted Mar 2, '13 at 10:30pm



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Posted Mar 3, '13 at 12:15am



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Being launched into space and fly at the speed of light in a special suit that allowed me to stay alive (by feeding me via an IV), that could evacuate no1 & 2 (ya know, pee and poop) automatically and allowed me to record my observations on what I see until I reach as far as possible in the Universe, then explode while listening to my favorite song!


Posted Mar 3, '13 at 12:21am



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4 thighs, 5 legs, 3 breasts original recipe. That's what I want in my bucket.

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