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Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag - Offical Trailer

Posted Mar 6, '13 at 4:21pm



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You're referencing this post, right?

what you need referenced?
i think i was pretty clear there.

Well that's the thing, games shouldn't be made so close together that the engine is exactly the same and there is no graphical difference. Improvements should be made.

companies have as core to make money. if people keep buying it, i totally understand the reasons behind these fast releases.
thats the company listening to itself instead of the players. (not to mention that 2 weeks after AC:3 some people were already asking for a new game.)

With that logic. A job is something extra, so no point in giving you money.

your job isn't the extra. the voluntary work at your sport club for example is the extra.
and do you get paid full time for voluntary work or do you just get a few free beers after closing time?

When I have to waste up to 2 hours running around a bland environment full of deadly glitch filled "monsters;" I, and I'm sure anyone who bothered with them, expected at least a weapon.

your not running around for the fun of it?
do you feel like searching feathers is work?

Posted Mar 9, '13 at 6:13pm



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Did anyone else think that it was a joke? I thought someone made the trailer as a joke until I saw it was the official trailer.


Posted Mar 9, '13 at 6:58pm



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Yeah, I wasn't expecting it at all either. They just released the first major DLC for III and they've already announced the next game? Seems a little early.


Posted May 30, '13 at 8:05pm



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They have released more info since the trailer came out, and the game will have more historically accurate content. They also said only 1/4 of the game takes place on ships, so there will still be plenty of buildings.
As for CoD syndrome, assassin's creed wont get that because of how in depth the story line is, it's not just a war game like CoD it actually has some substance to it. So overall this game might not be their best but it will still be a great game.

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