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Get to the Top! Version- 3.0

Posted Jul 25, '13 at 10:27pm



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Far as I know, we are not. I just changed mine because I kinda got attacked.


Posted Jul 26, '13 at 11:22am



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I use a levitation spell to dodge the rat attack. I throw my crowbar to the 79th floor and I try to kill 1 million rats using the crowbar.


Posted Jul 31, '13 at 5:59pm



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Oh gosh. I haven't updated this in a long while. I apologize for slow updates, but personal life and such.

100 Story Building---
Objective: Get to the top

GandalftheGrey666 - 80th Floor
Clancy12 - 79th Floor
Karasaar - 70th Floor
pangtongshu - 60th Floor
sonicheroes95 - 57th Floor
ellock - 57nd Floor
letsgome_gome - 65th Floor
GG2001 - 57th Floor
blk2860 - 51th Floor
BearBear_1 - 35th Floor
OperationNilo - 5th Floor
gamerguy12345 - 1st Floor
mechninja - Ground Level
stinkyjim - Ground Level
crazyape - Ground Level
CalvinKidd137 - Ground Level

Karasaar (3 posts left)
OperationNilo (2 posts left)
CalvinKidd137 (1 posts left)


Defenders of the Building-
Chuck Norris: 924,000/1,000,000 HP
Bruce Lee: 922,600/1,000,000 HP
Riptizoid101 the Knight: 28,960/100,000 HP


Metal Pulley System to Floor 57
Metal Elevator from Floor 57 to 65
Untamed Phoenix on the 52nd Floor
Stairs from 35th Floor to the 57th Floor
Wooden Elevator to Floor 35
Fire on Floor 31st
Oiled Cast Iron Dragon on the 20th Floor
Gamerguy12345's Base on Floor 1
Metal Elevator from the 70th Floor to the 80th Floor
Metal Elevator from the 65th Floor to the 70th Floor (1 posts)
Two Grade 12 prismatic gems (Karasaar) (3 posts)
Special Kunai (sonicheroes95)
Time Machine Full of Rats
49th Floor destroyed
Really Pissed off! (3 posts left)

BearBear_1's Shop- 35th Floor (1 posts left until open)
1 ender pearl: 2 diamonds
Power IV, Punch II, Infinity Bow: 5 diamonds
Iron Boots Feather Falling V: 3 diamonds
Iron Chestplate Protection X Resistance V: 4 diamonds
Full Set Iron Enchanted: 10 diamonds
Iron Sword Sharpness X: 4 diamonds
Diamond Sword Sharpness X: 5 diamonds
Diamond Boots Feather Falling V: 4 diamonds
Diamond Chestplate Protection X Resistance V: 6 diamonds
Full Set Diamond Enchanted: 15 diamonds

Gamerguy12345's Shop- 1st Floor
M9 - 3 oil cans
Ak-47 - 6 oil cans
M16 - 7 oil cans
Benelli M4 shotgun - 7 oil cans
MP 40 - 5 oil cans
Dragunov SVD semi-automatic sniper rife - 15 oil cans
Minigun - 30 oil cans

Oil Can Counter-
Gamerguy12345: 3
letsgome_gome: 7
sonicheroes95: 4
Stinkyjim: 3

NEW EVENT ALERT! A tornado will be swirling around the building, sucking up all light things and things that are outside! Furthermore, the defenders have moved from the roof to the 99th Floor of the building due to the tornado! This will last for 3 more posts!

The elevator will be usable in the next turn. You didn't meet up with Gandalf. You found no cans. Rats try to get you, but fortunately, rats can't climb that high! You are safe.

As you do that, you unknowingly spit your drink at some street thugs while you were laughing. They intimidate you, and you run all the way to the 5th Floor for safety. Unfortunately, some rats attack you, giving you a 2 post injury.

With your cunning tactics, the rats sent after you are either exploded and splattered all across the walls, or crushed underneath the rubble. As said before, you make a ladder and get to the 51st Floor.

Evidently, the rats were unable to reach you in the first place, due to you being on a floor too high for them to climb. You suffer no rat related injury. You ride the elevator and get to the 80th Floor. However, you didn't have enough mana to summon any antlions, and there's no cell phone reception where you are.

Out of sight, out of mind, they always say. You manage to dodge the rat attack, but sadly, you find no cans.

I only allowed post change if it was related to defending the rats, therefore, the second half of your post change is not allowed. An oil counter is added. You CAN change your prices, by the way.

You manage to call him, but due to the tornado happening outside, you get whirled around and spit into the tower. The helicopter crash puts you on a 3 post injury.

You have injured player(s) Operation Nilo. You deal a whopping 70,000 damage to each of the defenders, but they are now really pissed off. You couldn't keep the rest of the rats, due to you not being able to store them anywhere.

Really Pissed off!- All defenders are out for blood! Anybody on Floor 70+ will now have a 30% chance to get an injury! This lasts for 3 posts!

The 49th Floor has been detonated and added to specials!

Metal Elevator from the 70th Floor to the 80th Floor is now usable!


Posted Jul 31, '13 at 6:10pm



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So the second half of my post didn't count? Ok. Then I will just do that part this turn.

I am going to add a couple items to my shop:

3 Standard Fragmentation Grenades - 5 oil cans

RPG - 20 oil cans

And I forgot to put prices on all my ammo. I don't feel like going into major detail about ammo prices so I will just say for now. All ammo is 3 oil cans for a few magazines. (Or clips if you want to say that). And 1 oil can for 1 rocket.


Posted Jul 31, '13 at 9:14pm



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I go up the elevator, meet Gandolf.


Posted Aug 5, '13 at 1:40am



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I'm going to go take the elevator up, then look around to see what chaos is brewing.


Posted Aug 6, '13 at 2:52am



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I try putting plunger cups on my hands and feet and climb up to the 5th floor


Posted Aug 6, '13 at 1:03pm



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Thank God danger has passed. I stay on the 80th floor for a while, to regenerate some mana. While I'm staying on the 80th floor, I make a flying robot out of metal. When the robot is done and in full working condition, I will give him some money and tell him to buy a book about self defense for me. I have a glass of juice with letsgome.


Posted Aug 6, '13 at 6:05pm



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first ill use my dual yoyos to raise me up 20 floors then i set up shop


Posted Aug 9, '13 at 7:13pm



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I use a giant sling shot to catapult me up to floor 30 and gradually climb up five more floors with dual swords on the side of the building

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