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Get to the Top! Version- 3.0

Posted Sep 1, '13 at 4:54am



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Can I start up an aircraft dealership or something?


Posted Sep 2, '13 at 8:34pm



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100 Story Building---
Objective: Get to the top

GandalftheGrey666 - 80th Floor
MagicTree - 73th Floor
letsgome_gome - 73th Floor
Karasaar - 70th Floor
sonicheroes95 - 65th Floor
pangtongshu - 60th Floor
ellock - 57th Floor
GG2001 - 57th Floor
yako242 - 57th floor
blk2860 - 51th Floor
gamerguy12345 - 35th Floor
BearBear_1 - 35th Floor
eliakith - 35th Floor
OperationNilo - 5th Floor
Crickster - 1st Floor
mechninja - Outside
stinkyjim - Outside
crazyape - Outside
CalvinKidd137 - Outside
Yoyo141 - Outside
fireblade141 - Outside

yako242 (2 posts)


Defenders of the Building-
Chuck Norris: 914,000 HP
Bruce Lee: 913,600 HP
Riptizoid101 the Knight: 18,960 HP
Clancy the Evil Gnome:  1,000,000 HP


Wooden Elevator to Floor 35
Stairs from 35th Floor to the 57th Floor
Wooden Elevator from 57th Floor to the 60th Floor (2 posts)
Metal Elevator from Floor 57 to 65 (Electrified)
Metal Elevator from the 70th Floor to the 80th Floor
Untamed Phoenix on the 52nd Floor
Fire on Floor 31st
Oiled Cast Iron Dragon on the 20th Floor
Special Kunai (sonicheroes95)
49th Floor destroyed
Electricity Generators on Floors 57 and 65.
Healing Potion on Floor 73
Gamerguy12345's Base on Floor 1
Sentry Gun Outside Gamerguy12345's base
eliakith's Fiber Glass Base on Floor 35 (1 posts)
Fiber Glass Maze Outside eliakith's Base (2 posts)
Giant Catapult Outside
Angry Defenders (Currently on floor 99)


BearBear_1's Shop- 35th Floor
1 ender pearl: 2 diamonds
Power IV, Punch II, Infinity Bow: 5 diamonds
Iron Boots Feather Falling V: 3 diamonds
Iron Chestplate Protection X Resistance V: 4 diamonds
Full Set Iron Enchanted: 10 diamonds
Iron Sword Sharpness X: 4 diamonds
Diamond Sword Sharpness X: 5 diamonds
Diamond Boots Feather Falling V: 4 diamonds
Diamond Chestplate Protection X Resistance V: 6 diamonds
Full Set Diamond Enchanted: 15 diamonds

Diamond Counter-

Gamerguy12345's Shop- 1st Floor
M9 - 3 oil cans
Ak-47 - 6 oil cans
M16 - 7 oil cans
Benelli M4 shotgun - 7 oil cans
MP 40 - 5 oil cans
Dragunov SVD semi-automatic sniper rife - 15 oil cans
Minigun - 30 oil cans
3 Standard Fragmentation Grenades - 5 oil cans
RPG - 20 oil cans
All ammo - 3 oil cans

Oil Can Counter-
letsgome_gome: 7
sonicheroes95: 4
Gamerguy12345: 3
Stinkyjim: 3
eliakith: 1

You call.

You answer.

You begin to train yourself in Magic.  It will take 3 posts. Each spell will take time to learn.

As you are currently on floor 57, I'll assume that you try to destroy that elevator. It electrocutes you and you receive a 2 post injury.

Again, hit Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee once each and do 5000 damage each. This angers the defenders.

You need to be more specific.

Sentry Gun Outside Gamerguy12345's base has been built!

The defenders have been angered by gamerguy12345! They are slowly climbing down to floor 50 and will injury anyone who is not protected


Posted Sep 3, '13 at 12:53am



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Can i still talk? if so i beg for mercy since i am injured


Posted Sep 3, '13 at 4:21pm



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I give the defenders my oil cans so they wont hurt me and gandolf.


Posted Sep 3, '13 at 4:26pm



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I shall build a rainbow dash bot that saids cruch, kill, detory, swag all the time and i can tall it what to do.


Posted Sep 4, '13 at 4:06pm



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I shall build a rainbow dash bot that saids cruch, kill, detory, swag all the time and i can tall it what to do.

I'm changing mine.

I go into gamer's store steal a gun and a bit of ammo and kill all his grauds


Posted Sep 4, '13 at 4:25pm



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I go up the wooden elevator to floor 35.


Posted Sep 4, '13 at 4:28pm



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I haz planz >;)


Posted Sep 4, '13 at 5:58pm



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Crickster.... why? After all we've been through.... And you can't change your post. Am I correct Clancy?

Anyways, if I am correct and Crickster has not actually attacked me yet, I will get an M16 from my shop and shoot Crickster. Once he is injured I will drag his body outside the building and reprogram the sentry gun to only shoot him and nobody else. I will have my guard on alert and he will shoot Crickster if he tries to hurt me again.

After that I will stay near the shop this round.

Also, Clancy you didn't change what floor I was on since my last post.


Posted Sep 5, '13 at 9:57am



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I give the defenders my oil cans so they wont hurt me and gandolf

Wait... what? I said I DON'T want to have a meeting with letsgome, because I'm about to have a meeting with two other people... actually... forget it. I have the meeting with letsgome. Meanwhile, Jean-Claude and The Rock keep working on their elevator.

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