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Ivanxxxxxxx arts

Posted Dec 7, '13 at 2:18pm



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I just thought of something... did Frank do that to me?


Posted Dec 7, '13 at 6:45pm



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WOW Amazing scenery keep it up!!!


Posted Dec 8, '13 at 7:08am



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I have decided to give more detail answer for a few earlier comments.
The reason for this is the next big surprise ,but I will tell you about it later .


FGA Underground...

You make us sound like a freaking gang... I love it.

I think it turned out good FGA Underground somehow makes the drawing complete. But , there is another thing, If you look at the picture more carefully you can see, that all members of FGA have similar costumes.

Now, this applies to you or any FGA member: Can you provide me with a complete list of your members? Also do you have a leader?

Dude, I mean dude. Look at all those armatars that you made! Fantastic! So many so good! But as I'm offline from AG forever, I weekly(actually monthly or even more if I remember) I check this forum just to see your art. To be honest I don't even care about the armatars. I want to see your paintings(your drawings are horrible - sorry, brutally honest as always, but man. Your paintings are overfantasticlyincredeblyawesomly good. Now try to pronounce it as a one word. Well I wouldn't comment if you didn't send me a message.

First, I'm sorry you are offline,come back and be an active member,as you were before. Secondly, thank you very much for your comment, it looks really encouraging . I mean ,,Your paintings are over-fantasticly-incredebly-awesomly-good. ,,. Really nice of you.

This is important:
Now try to pronounce it as a one word. Well I wouldn't comment if you didn't send me a message.

There is a new option on the forum, you can tag someone by placing sign @ in front of the user name, and also you can tag some game by placing sign @ in front of (game number) -new feature

But for now it's just a improvisation, so I decided to send each individual a link which leads to the image. And you're right,many would not see this in the opposite case.

At first I thought I was a trash can outside a pile of stuff

R2D21999 as himself or what's left of it XD

Then after reading that, I looked closer and saw that I was the whole thing. XD

I'm sorry but a more detailed picture was not available. Its image sharing (web site) restriction! But what I want to say is, what you can not see in the picture you can find in the description. So you can easily connect things.

Anyways, good job. Is there going to be more of this? Cause this is awsome.

Thanks R2D2, and thanks for the valuable reply. Regarding your question, well it is possible, very possible

Also you should have added DanielMcNeely but that's just me.

I thought about it,and I think that we will see something in the future.

StormWalker as giant man-eating plant who demands to be fed

That is so like her.

I tried to faithfully represent all members,and of course that all of it makes sense. And I think I have succeeded in that. But note some members are represented symbolically or metaphorically. I can not always rely on armatar pictures or user name, so I tried to recreate some users' habits.

AG in the world of Kingdom Rush Frontiers XD

Pretty impressive! I've been told that i can be found IN the worm! Thx for that!

AG community in the world of Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the best description.

Yes,you can be found IN the worm,because you are the worm Its from movie Dune (1984), and the name of that sand worm is Shai Hulud just like your username.

I am a frog uh ._."

You're not just any frog, you are famous singing frog ,, Michigan J. Frog ,,

Lol that's really cool Ivan nice job I will now finally take my place as tree. *MWAHAHAHA*

Thank you! Your armatar made the decision! But, if you have any suggestion how would you like to be represented,just tell me! This applies to all! But no promises,I'll do what I can.

I... actually really like this. Good job, Ivan. 10 stars from Rip.

The FGA Underground... mwahaha...hahaha...hahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!

Thank you, and it should cause a smile For more information check my reply to Mino comment!

Really cool! I like the way it looks :] :]

I had a dilemma about the most appropriate place for you. You were using a long time that red shield as your armatar. Since you changed it in to the pirate skull,I decided to follow the current state of things. The original idea was a red shield.

In the following retro release of my super secret art project you'll be represented as red shield.

Great picture and who am I? )

It is best to look at the description first, note some user are represented symbolically or metaphorically.
-new comments-

Do you remember the scene from Kingdom Rush Frontiers level pirates, when the executor appears for the first time Frank is executor, so, he is guilty! But do not worry, you can beat him any time with 3 stars on that level!

Aaah, that's a relief. Being a log, you know, when I see somebody with a gigantic axe... I panic :P

In the next version.... well........It's a secret for now
It is possible that you will switch places!

Ah ok, now I get it! Cheerio!

Next time I will also tag all references which are associated with members. to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

xD im the director and the actor of that movie so i make a reference to my movie xD

Great discovery minecraftsniper .
Like I said: Everything is connected,and there are even more jokes,
but you will have to discover them by yourself! XD

Once again, congratulations on the discovery!

An excellent piece all around! Might I ask, how long did this take you to create? And do I spy Michigan J. Frog in the bottom right corner? =)

Thank you very much! It took a lot of time . Most of the time I spent on planning and on the preparing the initial sketches. But when I connected all the strings together, everything went much easier. The process of making, drawing and coloring is my hobby so it went very lightly.

And yes, good eye, its Michigan J. Frog in the bottom right corner! But you can find much more, keep searching!

Lol it's good to be a palm tree xD

I'm glad you like it so much!

I just thought of something... did Frank do that to me?

I see some oil on Frank axe O.o

WOW Amazing scenery keep it up!!!

Thank you very much!

Posted Dec 8, '13 at 7:50am



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In the next version.... well........It's a secret for now

Can't wait to see it. I'm sure it will be awesome

It is possible that you will switch places!

Yes, pleezzz. I'm begging you :P

Posted Dec 8, '13 at 10:39am



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yeah im trying to discover that mistery..... but is good to be a gorilla that comes froma giant gorilla boss xD


Posted Dec 14, '13 at 12:03pm



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Posted Dec 15, '13 at 12:56pm



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New art project is 70% complete!

This is awesome. Can't wait to see it.

Posted Dec 15, '13 at 2:08pm



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Wow, that's a LOT of people. I am curious to see how it will turn out. Good luck!


Posted Dec 15, '13 at 11:24pm



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Now, this applies to you or any FGA member: Can you provide me with a complete list of your members? Also do you have a leader?

The FGA is as elusive as the Illuminati... providing a complete list? Bah! Ask those who are involved individually, but the complete list is a closely guarded secret (that is posted on the FGA profile but whatever). I can tell you that around 1/3 of the active users on AG are part of it or affiliated with it.

As for the leader of FGA... there isn't one. FGA isn't something that's like a clan. All members are on equal footing and all of them are supports that hold up FGA, and thus, each one is essential. However, the creator of FGA wishes to remain anonymous.

*looks around carefully before stepping back into the dark alleyway*

Posted Dec 16, '13 at 5:21am



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When I said 70 percent,It goes without saying that I meant approximately, but still close.I worked more than 20 hours now for the weekend,and the progress is going much slower than I originally thought it would be.There is always something that needs to be fixed. The level of details which will be implemented on this art painting will be a stunning. I can freely say that I have actually surpassed myself.But that remains to be seen.

Note: Progress is now approximately at 85%. At this rate it should be completed in about 20 hours (working hours). So I would not expect it before wednesday eventually thursday on this week. But if there is gona be any further delay, I'll let you all know in a timely manner. Why do I say this. Currently, there is one big problem which I did not expect. I can not find the right setup for my digital camera. I did some tests but the pictures are not authentic to the original,either they have too much flash (the image is overexposed),or they are too blurry, or they take the light from the environment (home illumination).

My digital camera is not a professional,but ordinary for home use. Graphite and wax colors used for this painting are best seen in live! In other words,the camera is unable to convey their 3D visual effect, and I'm very sorry about that. I personally believe that graphite has a reflection which negatively reflects the entire surface,so I'll try to fix it with watercolors. But if anyone has more experience with taking pictures of graffiti,now is the right time to share advice.

I've been also thinking to scan the painting. The problem is in dimensions of the painting. It is a nonstandard A3 format. And I do not want to cut or exclude any part of it. Eventually I could scan in two parts and later try to merge them,but it does not seem like a good solution.

And one more thing,even if all goes well,one problem still remains. In order to preserve the image quality,I would have to the keep a high-resolution image, in no less than 1600x1200 pixels.
Which can be a problem due to the size (Image may be 3-4 megabytes). Also to preserve the image quality I will have to save it in *.png file format, *.jpg is out of the question. But all this will affect the
file size,and the sites for the image sharing do not like large size files.I'm sure that they perform some kind of compression. So any advice is more than welcome!

Let's go back now to the very painting itself. So far I have successfully marked every person from the above list which I had provided earlier. 78 wow! Yet there are 22 free seats available,so if someone wants to be involved and can not find himself in the above list,please sign in. Also If someone does not want to be included in this,please let me know (sign out).But in any case hurry because there is not much time left.

More informations will be available later! Thanks! XD

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