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Racism and Sexism

Posted Aug 22, '13 at 3:45am



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Both racism and sexism still affect many people's daily lives.

Which one affects you as an individual more, if at all? Tell a personal story!
Do you think that racism or sexism is a bigger problem in society today? Debate!

I know that this thread might get a little heated so please respect others opinions and do not bash. Try to be as factual as possible in your debate. Here is a list of Fallacious Arguments to avoid for your future reference:

Also, if you wish to tell a personal story please give the relevant information for context.



Posted Aug 22, '13 at 7:40pm



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I'm a white male. It doesn't affect me, unless paying for the sins of my fore fathers counts.


Posted Aug 22, '13 at 8:04pm



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Racism and sexism are problems of equal importance. Rather, what you mean to say which is more widespread.

Anyways, both suck and equality rocks. Woo Hoo.

I suppose the one that effects me is racism, but again, like I said, I despise both forms of inequality equally. Nitpicking problems that only effect you is selfish thinking, after all.


Posted Aug 22, '13 at 9:11pm



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unless paying for the sins of my fore fathers counts.

I hope you are kidding..because I hate when people say things like this. There is no reason for anyone to feel guilt about what weren't the one that did it..they were.


Sexism is interesting, as most people just think of it as the bland "women are oppressed" side..and yet, in a meta-ironic twist of fate, they forget about those that are trans, traps, asexuals, etc.

Posted Aug 23, '13 at 5:25am



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both are just awful but i think that sexism is going to be more difficult to get rid of (not that we will ever fully get rid of racism either but you know what i mean). both affected me actually alot. sexism actually works both way around. many times women get it much easier then guys because they are women (and usually they wont have a problem with that either... pretty hypicrticial.) if your a guy your expected to do much better in sports. if your a ****** girl people will respect you for it but if your more on the gentle side as a guy you might be disrespected.

if a girl will punch you/call you names or even generalize all men nobody will really care, if you do it and your a guy you are immidiatly an awful person.

in here a girl will get a much better grade in gym then a guy who had the same results. which for example resulted in me getting a low grade, while if you put my results in the girls chart id get almost a perfect grade.

not to mention in here guys have to serve 3 years in the military while girls only do that for 2 years.

guys suffer alot from sexism as well but in their case they actually cant call out on it like girls can.

even if we didnt get hurt by racism or sexism in a direct way im sure that most of us (girls AND guys) got affected by it in an indirect way.


Posted Aug 23, '13 at 5:31pm



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A lot of things people label as "Sexism" are usually just logical consequences of the biological differences between men and women, for example men's salaries vs women's salaries.


Posted Aug 23, '13 at 6:05pm



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usually just logical consequences of the biological differences between men and women, for example men's salaries vs women's salaries.

What is the logic behind these "consequences." Why should women get paid less for the same work?

Posted Aug 23, '13 at 6:18pm



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A lot of things people label as "Sexism" are usually just logical consequences of the biological differences between men and women, for example men's salaries vs women's salaries.

I'd also like to see how you explain these. Usually the only biological reason why women are paid less for the exact same job, is because they are women. Not because of their performance. Which is pretty much the very definition of sexism if you ask me.

Posted Aug 23, '13 at 8:54pm



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Story time!

I live in an extremely racist community. Our small town had a population of about 300 in 1990, but the current population is roughly 1000. Our mayor in 1990 decided it would be a good idea to expand, but the intention was that the town would grow to no more than 350 and the immigrates would mainly be those who lived a few miles outside the town. Instead he decided it would be a better idea to take in Chicagoan residents who were poverty-stricken. Our small town had a strong caring for one another, so the town voted for it. Here's what really happened: We got tons of ex-convicts who were mainly black. When you bring in a bunch of former gangsters and meth addicts who were black to a tiny town made up of older white people, you get clashes. Within a few years a few meth labs popped up and grew, gang violence and presence shot up dramatically, and naturally the somewhat ignorant lifetime residents blamed this on the color of their skin, not their actions. In 1996 the KKK held an extremely large rally to get this integration-idea repealed, but it failed miserably and the KKK still has a large presence. Needless to say, I grew up in a world of white on black violence.

What's worse is that my girlfriend was born in China. She was adopted by white parents, but the choice of her parents caused her to be isolated from others. The white population saw her as a violent drug-addicted immigrant, while the blacks saw her as a pathetic wholesome farm girl. Eventually she managed to find some sort of comfort in school, but it's nowhere near what I believe she deserves.


Posted Aug 28, '13 at 2:29am



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As a man of the Internet, you get Racism much more harsh. When you cant see the person in front of you, the racist spill his real opinions quite violently.

I have houndreds of story on that, most of them from random RPS's. As i speak to a quite nice person, after a while i say something about living in Israel. Then he ask - are you jewish? As i replay, he ask me if i want a dollar.
Me: "wha.. why?.... wtf?"
He: " because all jews love money and will do anything for it"
Me: "how many jews you even know?!"
He: "well i dont, there are no jews wher i live but jews are cheap".

And its nit the first or last time. While chating with a chinies person, after revealing myself, he began to run away. After i cought him, he told me: "go away, you are cursed!"
Me: "why?!?!"
Him: "jews are deamons with horn who steal your soul!" And ran off.

My mom used to travel alot, and when she traveled to Japan, she tell a story quite samiliar to it, as when a kid she was babysitting ask her what her religion, and she replied, he began to search her hair, and then asking her to show him her horns.

How is that even peoples who never met a "Race" (I hate this word when used out of D&D) can be THAT racist? I mean, he NEVER EVER met a jewish person, and the person who told him about the horns. Maybe he even knew some jewd but only didnt knew that.
I saw comments on 9Gag, anti-semitism is still alive and kick hard. See Hungarey, Ukraine, Russia, Greece.

Some say the jewish community over Use WWII. Apearently europe and the world didnt learnt a single lesson.

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