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[Official] Want to Tag a Game?

Posted Nov 8, '13 at 8:50pm



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Seeing how the 'Basketball' tag only has three games listed under it, Bucketball and Bucketball 2 might as well be added.


Posted Nov 9, '13 at 7:50am



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[quote=pft]Do you suggest have main Category's like all the animals like cats and birds can go under animal. Minimalist can have point and click and mouse only under it?[/quote]

Sorry for leaving this hanging for a bit. I guess that is because I don't really have an answer: Yes it can go both ways, and no I guess there's no harm in having all these tags, plus ye olde categories still on top of page.

So I guess I am just being an old fogey about it. I'm increasingly having my serious misgivings about the internet and the www as a whole, and feel that its sheer information overload has come to seriously outweigh its potential in terms of offering up information.

(And so we run away with ever more gadgets and bells & whistles, but where in the end does it really lead us.)

A great tool of surveillance and control to boot, if that hadn't been clear yet. Anyway all these considerations of course fall far beyond the question at hand. So happy tagging


Posted Nov 11, '13 at 3:28pm



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Strategy Defense
Strategy Defense - Archery, Turn Based, Strategy, Mouse Only, Tactical

Autumn War
Autumn War - Strategy, Management, Tactical

Territory WAR
Territory WAR - Turn Based, Tactical

Prince of War
Prince of War - Keyboard Only, Medieval, Fantasy

Zombies In Your Backyard
Zombies In Your Backyard - Zombie, Pixel, Survival

zOMGies - Survival, Action, Shooting

Mardek - Old School, Cute, Exploration

Mardek 2
Mardek 2 - Old School, Cute, Exploration

StarCraft FA 5
StarCraft FA 5 - Science Fiction, Upgrade, Isometric

StarCraft FA 4
StarCraft FA 4 - Science Fiction, Very Hard, Isometric

StarCraft FA 3
StarCraft FA 3 - Science Fiction, Very Hard

Flashcraft - Tower Defense, Top Down

Battleships - Board, Tactical

Crazy Pool 2
Crazy Pool 2 - Puzzle, Logic

Bloons Tower Defense
Bloons Tower Defense - Tower Defense

Zombie Survival
Zombie Survival - Survival, Blood

Dungeon King - Dreadstorm Keep
Dungeon King - Dreadstorm Keep - RPG, Isometric, Blood

Ghostscape - Adventure, Horror, Point & Click, Hidden Object

Deadly Neighbours
Deadly Neighbours - RPG, Turn Based, Tactical

Deadly Neighbors 2
Deadly Neighbors 2 - RPG, Turn Based, Tactical

Wonderputt - Physics, Logic, Cute

Fujitsu defender
Fujitsu defender - Achievement, Top Down

Strategy Defense 2
Strategy Defense 2 - Turn Based, Strategy, Mouse Only, Tactical

Frag Assault
Frag Assault - Survival, Defense, Avoider

Tombscape - Escape, Adventure, Point & Click,A tmospheric, Hidden Object

The Worlds Hardest Game 2
The Worlds Hardest Game 2 - Avoider, Escape

Mutant Fighting Cup
Mutant Fighting Cup - Turn Based, Upgrade, Animal

Zombogrinder 2
Zombogrinder 2 - Distance, Driving, Apocalypse, Upgrade

Railbot - Distance, Cute, Avoider

Awesome Tanks
Awesome Tanks - Upgrade, Destruction, Level Editor, Shooting

Red Ball 4 Vol.2
Red Ball 4 Vol.2 - Achievement, Platform, Cute

Jacko In Hell 2
Jacko In Hell 2 - Atmospheric, Platform, Monster

Terra God
Terra God - Tower Defense, Magic

Demonrift TD
Demonrift TD - Turn Based, Strategy, Upgrade

Grey Wars TD
Grey Wars TD - Alien, Animal, Upgrade

Worlds End Chapter 1
Worlds End Chapter 1 - Turn Based, Team, Upgrade

Knight Vs Giant
Knight Vs Giant - Upgrade, Achievement, Cute

Zombie Situation
Zombie Situation - Achievement, Upgrade, Defense


Posted Nov 11, '13 at 4:51pm



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I have spotted a strange issue. on the all tags page the number of games under them is incorrect. Example Under minimalist it appears there is 2 on the page, when i click it there is actually 6. a few more 41 under mouse only whereas there is 51. It appears all the newer things with tags added act in the same way.


Posted Nov 11, '13 at 7:14pm



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Posted Nov 12, '13 at 12:12pm



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Engage - Turn Based, Upgrade, Mouse Only

Dynasty War
Dynasty War - Army, War, Historical

Strategy Defense 3
Strategy Defense 3 - Army, War, RTS

Strategy Defense 4
Strategy Defense 4 - Army, War, RTS

Battlegrounds 2
Battlegrounds 2 - Army, War, Medieval, Knight

Ambush - Army, War, Artillery, Upgrade, Tactical


Posted Nov 12, '13 at 4:49pm



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Garden Guardians
Garden Guardians - Defense, Mouse Only

Shore Siege 2
Shore Siege 2 - Cute, Pirate

Worlds Guard
Worlds Guard - Achievement, Tower Defense, Bug

My Little Army
My Little Army - Achievement, Army, Fantasy, War

Myth Wars
Myth Wars - Army, War, Achievement

Alexander - Army, War, Upgrade, Historical, Strategy

Alexander: Dawn of an Empire
Alexander: Dawn of an Empire - Army, War, Upgrade, Historical, Strategy


Posted Nov 13, '13 at 12:08am



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I have noticed a few little details.

The game Dawn of the Dragons tags aren't viewable like other game since it wasn't uploaded by a user. The tags i know are on it though as i seen it there are MMO and quest. ones to add.

Dawn of the Dragons - Mouse only

And this for some reason wasn't under the quests tags.

Road of the dead 2 - Quest, Upgrade


Posted Nov 13, '13 at 7:11pm



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Wow, thanks guys - that was a lot. All these games are now updated.


Posted Nov 14, '13 at 3:01am



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PC.DEfense - Virus, Achievement

Bug War
Bug War - Bug

Ravine - Upgrade, Medieval, Fantasy

The Dark Age
The Dark Age - Army, War, Side Scrolling

Star Rebellion
Star Rebellion - Space, RTS

World Wars
World Wars - Board, Tactical, Strategy, Army

Dark War Strategy Chapter 2
Dark War Strategy Chapter 2 - Turn Based, Tactical

Telepath Psy Arena
Telepath Psy Arena - Turn Based, Tactical

Battlegrounds - Side Scrolling, Castle

Orc Slayer 2
Orc Slayer 2 - Fighting

Siege Knight
Siege Knight - Cute, Castle, Upgrade

Hordes and Lords
Hordes and Lords - Tactical, RTS, Army, Medieval

Mecha Arena
Mecha Arena - Achievement, Upgrade, RPG

Penguins Attack 4
Penguins Attack 4 - Cute, Tower Defense

Build and Destroy Live
Build and Destroy Live - Turn Based, Cute, Tactical

Awaken Front Line
Awaken Front Line - Achievement

dotHack - Mouse Only

Cardian - Army, Side Scrolling, Tactical, Defense

SteamBirds: Survival
SteamBirds: Survival - Turn Based, Tactical, Strategy

Demons Took My Daughter
Demons Took My Daughter - Devil, Fighting

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