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An Apology to Ivanxxxxxxx...

Posted Nov 6, '13 at 5:38pm



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Recently there was a thread that asked for a vote to make Ivan a moderator.

Now, as most know, there is not (nor will there likely ever be) a way for users to vote for moderators for many reasons - but unfortunately this thread seriously hurt Ivan's feelings. And that's understandable, since Ivan has done a lot for the Armor Game's community - it would have been better that the thread be closed then for us to pretend we didn't see the Question.

I count myself among the offenders, and Ivan felt ridiculed by the thread as a bad joke on his behalf. So I'm posting this to apologize for being a part of it. I enjoy having him a part of this community, and wish to see him stay. I hope everybody else feels the same way.


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 5:46pm



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I agree completely and want to take a share in the blame here... there's nothing that can justify the mocking of a user and this is what has happened, despite suppositely good intentions.

I hope he can accept my apologies and stay as the active member of this website that he was...

Even though words may be thought of as mere words, they can hurt someone unnecessarily and cause effects that may have not been intended, but happen nontheless.

I hope we all learned a wise lesson from this stupid incident and think before we say something in the future. I know I have learned a valuable lesson here.


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 10:57pm



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No comment.


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 11:01pm



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I hereby give Ivan the permission to join the Salvidianites, should be wish, as compensation for my eradic and outright ridiculous behavior.


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 11:37pm



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I intend to apologize for my own part in suggesting change that, at least as far as AG guidelines intend, is against the rules and all relative inhibitions. AG does a wonderful job of choosing the people who moderate the forums and I wouldn't want it any different.

I guess it just goes to show how easy it is to derail a thread and 'get primitive', especially without any discretion or foresight.

no hard feelings


Posted Nov 6, '13 at 11:56pm



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I shan't be apologizing.

1) It should be noted that the thread was against the rules to begin with..and should have been closed upon being noticed. I personally saw a few users go to mods and let them know, but the thread was not closed.
1-a) I will say, I am actually proud of us on AG. We see a thread that should die/close, and turn it into something. We have fun with each other, and act like the family we are.

2) No harm was done towards Ivan. No one made fun of Ivan, ridiculed him in any way, or said anything hurtful towards him. If ANYTHING, the only thing ridiculed was the thread that was breaking the rules.
2-a) To be honest, I'm confused as to why he would be offended. Plenty of people responded to a thread in which the central topic was him. The only thing I could see one being offended about would be that it didn't stay on the topic of making him a mod..which I would surely hope not. Of course, that is just me.


Posted Nov 7, '13 at 1:17am



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We have fun with each other, and act like the family we are.


I don't actually think anyone was talking about Ivan in the thread except for the OP maker. It was more of just a fun discussion type deal.
But if I offended you Ivan, sorra.

Posted Nov 7, '13 at 9:20pm



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Bye Ivan. I hope that thread isn't why you're leaving. No one thinks any different of you because some fan of yours expressed their love.

Again, bye. Keep on painting and good luck.


Posted Nov 7, '13 at 10:05pm



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I took a look at the thread. To be honest, nobody really said anything to Ivan directly, or even said anything bad in general. Seemed like a good old fashioned spam fest, if I ever saw one. Ivan also seemed to take it well, simply saying that he would like the thread closed. Unless things were said on profile comments, then I see no reason for Ivan to be upset.
That said, I wish to offer my condolences if Ivan was hurt in any way. If Ivan sees this thread: Please don't leave the community, (it's already pretty small, but that's beside the point), you have provided so much for the forums. I especially enjoy your drawings, you have real talent. We've never really talked, but you seem like a friendly fellow. Leaving the community would leave a giant hole that could never be filled by anyone else.


Posted Nov 13, '13 at 4:26pm



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Why is he offended? Seriously, he is gonna leave the community just like that? Well, if you leave. It'd be just harm.

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