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Well today I'm free and have nothing better to do so I'm gonna be going on a quest grind... I'm hoping to get at least 10, with at least 5 of these "hard" quests being somewhere in my total


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- Introduction: How I am Defining Hard -

I'm going to consider hard as a blanket term here.
It can mean a quest that is:
- Time consuming
(Not much skill needed, but it is hard to find the amount of time to play it).

- Takes a lot of skill
(A quest that takes skill or practice to beat, which usually means it will be time consuming as well.)

- Takes a lot of luck or Takes a random occurrence
(A quest that does not take a lot of skill. Most players it will take a lot of time to get a quest like this due to the luck or randomness involved, but some players will get the quest quickly because of the luck or randomness involved.)

- Game issues
(The quest is not very difficult, but lag, save game problems, glitches, or other game bugs cause the quest to be much more difficult than it should be.)


- My Thoughts on the Terminus Quest -

Terminus I would consider a medium difficulty quest as you can use the infinite bubbles check box to complete it. Removing most the skill and tediousness of juggling needed from most levels.


- The Hard Quests -

To me the hardest quests are (in no particular order):

- Mutant Stomp (Reach 20km in mutant meltdown.) (Road of the Dead 2)
Skill and luck are both involved in this one and a lot of players also have to deal with lag, making this one quite difficult.

- Ultimate Arsenal (Unlock 60 Weapons.) (ShellShock Live 2)
This one is time consuming and tedious (and I found it boring too). Without paying for anything this will mean you have to reach Level 30 to get the 60 weapons necessary. It takes a very long time to gain the experience needed to reach level 30. A very long time and the gameplay is rather repetitive. As well, a lot of waiting for matches to start and players to volley their shots is involved. Skill is not needed as even losses will give you Exp., but it does help to win.

- Battle Strong (Get a BSI over 10 after level 100 (Note: In some cases you may have to get BSI over 11) (Dawn of the Dragons)
This is a very time consuming quest, unless you pay for in game items that will speed the process along. In most cases, if not all, you have to get your B.S.I. over 11 instead of 10. It took me a little over two months to get this quest and I played that game as much as possible within that 2 month period. The game is somewhat simple, but there is a lot to know about it and how to play it right, making for a rather steep learning curve. To make matters worse, if you don't play the game the right way (for B.S.I.) you can't restart your character and you can make the quest take longer. This was a tedious quest.

- 3M Damage (Deal 3,000,000 with a single hit. That's a lot!) (Epic Battle Fantasy 4)
This quest takes some time and some careful planning, but thanks to a few guides out there it wasn't too difficult. I also found the game to be fun, so the time needed to get this quest did not feel like a boring grind fest. Overall, I put this quest near the bottom of the most difficult quests, but still difficult nonetheless.

- Wasteland Stars (Get 18 Stars on levels 16, 17, and 18.) (Cursed Treasure 2)
- No Sacred Stones (Win level 16, 17, or 18, without breaking a Sacred Stone.) (Cursed Treasure 2)
- Evil Superstar (Get 3 stars, day and night, on all 15 primary levels of the game.) (Cursed Treasure 2)
This game involved so much luck, lagged so badly, and was so monotonous and boring I wanted to tear my hair out and scream (I really did yell at this game). Most levels were easy, but trying to get the 3 stars meant no enemy could touch a stone. So you'd play a whole half hour level, just to watch one enemy at the end of your playthrough, just barely touch a stone, making you replay that whole boring level over again.
Don't get me started on the enemies that lost their armour and locked towers that were sent in huge hordes wave after wave, making it nearly impossible to stop them from touching your gems. These quests were horrible. I must say though, to Irviysofts credit, they patched the entire game, nerfed those difficult enemies, and rebalanced things. It's nice to see a company respond to feedback :].

- A New Beginning (Defeat Lord Kazuro at the Shiroda Forest) (Sinjid)
- Shogun Showdown (Defeat Lord Asura at the Shogun Palace) (Sinjid)
I recall Lord Asura being difficult to defeat, even after reading through guides, and tips from other players. It took a decent amount of skill. You had to defeat Lord Asura before even facinf Lord Kazuro, so it made that quest hard by default.

- You Finally Made It! (Finish the game without giving up) (Give up)
I found this game took a decent amount of skill to beat, making this quest hard.

- Unlucky (Get empaled 21 times) (Catapult Madness)
Ironic that a quest called unlucky would require so much luck. Prepare to launch yourself multiple times before getting empaled the proper number of times. Very repetitive and time consuming, not much skill involved and mostly luck. I also think this one took 22 times to get the quest (or it used to say 20 times and they fixed it to say 21 times).

- King of the Treadmill (Reach 50k) (Treadmillasaurus Rex)
This quest takes skill and luck and more luck. If you don't get the spinning wheel to land on the right rewards (which is mostly random chance where it lands) it will be very hard if not impossible to reach 50K.

- Complete All Chapters. (Reach the exit on every single level - woah!)(Sequester)
- Speed Challenge 2-5 (Beat level 2-5 in less than 75 seconds!) (Sequester)
These quests require some skill and puzzle solving logic thinking, but if you look up the walkthrough videos online they are pretty easy.

- Strike Force Hero (Complete all missions (campaign and challenge) on hard.) (Strike Force Heroes 2)
This one takes some skill. The real hold up are the challenge levels, especially Defection (The capture the flag level where you lose a solider to the other team for every flag you capture.) The level has since been nerfed to allow you to keep one team member at the end instead of losing them all.

- Master (Reach level 50 with 1 solider.) (Strike Force Heroes 2)
This one is not too difficult skill-wise, but time consuming. On the low end of the harder quests.

- Optimization (Beat the game in under 8 minutes with 11 or fewer deaths.) (This Is The Only Level 4)
This one seems like it would only take a little practice, but the controls on the level where you have to swing everywhere. Please, fix them. It makes this quest very difficult and frustrating.

- Sushi Frenzy (Collect all golden sushi) (Sushi Cat 2 the Great Purrade)
This quest may take some skill and luck, maybe one of the easier hard quests.


- Hard Quests for Other Reasons: Game Issues -

- Final Showdown (Defeat the end boss.) (Bubble Tanks 3)
Skill and time wise this quest shouldn't be that hard, but it was hard for me due to the game glitching, freezing, and lagging until it became unplayable. I also think this is a game that erased my save data (or wouldn't say or didn't have a save feature?). I once met the criteria for the final boss to show up, but the game was lagging so badly it didn't happen. I had to play the game twice.

- One hundred freaking Million (Wow, really? You stuck around for ONE HUNDRED MILLION? This is best done in unlimited mode since original mode caps out) (Epic Combo Redux)
This one is difficult if your computer is slow and lags. It is also time consuming, but you can just let the game run over night to get this quest. So it's hard, but not necessarily too hard.

- Full of Premium Wool (Patience and maybe a bit of cash needed for this one. Well, maybe just patience.) (Upgrade Complete 2)
This one is only hard because this quest was so bugged and problematic for many users.

- The Battle is Over (Beat all 14 levels.) (Incursion 2 The Artifact)
- Heroes force (Get 5 gems on the level 3 using only heroes force.) (Incursion 2 The Artifact)
This game lags, freezes, and can be very monotonous and boring. Those quest were time consuming and not much fun to complete (at least for me). Somewhat difficult, but mostly due to the lag and slowed paced of the game.

- The Hands of War Quests (Hands of War 3)
The game never kept my save files. I played on different browsers, different computers, and at friends houses. The game would corrupt my save files, causing me to maintain my current level, but lose in-game quest progress and items. Perhaps I didn't set my flash allocation high enough (Although I recall making it at least 10MB if not unlimited).
I once figured I'd beat the game in one long playthrough to avoid the save issue, but my character got stuck on a building and I had to refresh the page to get free. My saves corrupted and I had to restart the game, again.
I e-mailed the creators, but got no response for weeks. It wasn't until I e-mailed them multiple times that I got a single response. I was told that It was a problem on my end. At the time I accepted this, but then I remembered that I played this game across multiple browsers, computers, and internet connections, just to get the same save file corruption. I doubt this was a problem on my end. Seemed like a big run around to me.


- Closing Statements -

Well, I made a short story long, as I tend to do, but that should cover them all. I'd like to say the hardest two quest for me were Battles Strong and Ultimate Arsenal, both very very time consuming.


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i agree with the final showdown quest its not that its hard but the game is so laggy that i wont ever get it.
For king of the treadmill i tried to get it but i just am not as good at the game as i was a few years ago when i held the record.


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I got all the quests of SFH2 but I did not get the Strike Force Hero quest,it says we need to complete all challenges and campaign levels on HARD.I did them on INSANE(The next level of hard)and I did not get the quest.I would prove it with a screenshot but I dont know how to make a screenshot.


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All the challenges.


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All the campaigns.

All the challenges


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No need in posting that here... Try asking an admin has they are the only ones who can do anything about it. I am having a similar problem with Terminus not saying it is completed too.


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I am still embarrassed by not getting "A New Beginning" from Sinjid --22,500+ people have completed it, but I just can't figure out how to beat that last guy.

He is a bit tricky. Are you maxed out? The way i beat them was i had potions (can't remember names) That boosted all my stats. They are rare think there is only 1 of them. Use the healing when you can, also i think there is a clone you can summon, that is extremely helpful.

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For me the hardest quests are those of hands of war 3, I'm just not interested in playing that game. Not into that type of gameplay
I've checked what it's about on several YT videos, but it simply doesn't appeal to me... This especially sucks since I'm a bit of a quest *****


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The ones I agree on:

You Finally Made It - Total skill achievement. Some of the levels were hard, but they always had specific patterns. If you were good enough, you won. Actually one of my favorite hard achievements because it was 100% skill based.

The Cursed Treasure 2 ones are actually much better now. The creator nerfed the more annoying non-skill elements (the divers), allowing you to actually get the achievements with skill. They're still tough, but they're almost all skill rather than RNG based now.

Optimization was hard, but just takes a bit of practice. The controls are different on the level you noted, but they're different in several of the levels. The controls aren't even particularly complex or counterintuitive - you shoot a rope out, up/down lengthens/shortens the rope, left/right swings in that direction. Get to the level and spend like 3 or 4 minutes just moving around the level practicing the controls and it's easy. I thought the Batman level was much more annoying, because the controls AREN'T intuitive, and because it required so much time that one death late in the level screwed your entire run time.

For ones I don't agree should be included on 'hardest', but should be put on 'stupid and annoying':

To me, any achievement that will be reached given a sufficient time investment, or has the RNG as a huge factor, cannot be a 'hardest quest ever' inclusion. Ultimate Arsenal, Master, Unlucky, and One Hundred Freaking Million require absolutely zero skill at the game, only luck or a sufficient application of time.

King of the Treadmill - Yeah, that was annoying. Some skill is involved, but RNG quests are never fun, because they take the skill out of it. If you happen to land on a couple '+1 all obstacles' at the beginning, you may as well just restart because you won't get 50k. At least it was short enough that attempts didn't take very long.

Unlucky - Another stupid RNG quest. Requires absolutely no skill and just a whole bunch of launches.

Strike Force Heroes 2 the quest is incredibly annoying because the game itself isn't that hard (I beat custom games and all of the campaign levels on Insane in the mid-20 levels), but the challenge levels have stupid gimmicks that introduce artificial difficulty. Defection is incredibly annoying because not only do the odds become more stacked against you as the game goes along, which would be fine and dandy itself if it were a deathmatch, but when you grab the flag you can only use your secondary weapon, and you can't score the flag if your opponents have taken yours. In other words, for the last 2 flag grabs, you essentially have to hope you're lucky enough that while you're grabbing the flag the enemy AI simply fails to grab yours. Randomania is also very stupid because not all weapons are created equal, especially between classes. Elemental weapons are totally useless, as are the bulk of the secondary weapons. If you happen to random a couple poor weapons in a row (extremely likely), and the AI is still racking up kills on each other the whole time, you're probably going to be too far behind to hope to win. It turns the game into total luck - and RNG based quests are NEVER fun.

Mutant Stomp honestly wasn't that tough. I lagged on my first run through - so I turned the settings down, like the game creator recommended. Fixed the lag, beat it on my 2nd non-lag try. Looking at the numbers on the achievements - only 1400 players have completed the game at all - leads me to believe that the problem is not with the game, but simply that a lot of people aren't bothering to try Mutant Stomp to begin with. It was easy if you actually READ the creators notes and turn your settings down to eliminate lag.

The rest I simply don't agree with at all.

Sushi Frenzy - I have no idea why this is on the list. It's easy to do, I got 100% achievements on that game in about an hour. The golden sushi weren't particularly hard to get - 9 out of 10 of them were in a place where you'd pick them up just beating the level in the first place. The game doesn't haven an RNG - if you hit the exact same spot every time, the cat will follow the exact same path. If you're off by a couple pixels it will follow a different path - but that isn't RNG. The levels that have moving obstacles likewise follow set patterns and speeds - timing rules here.

Several of the others - A lot of your 'hardest achievements' appear to be colored by you saying games are laggy. I play games on 3 different computers on 2 different internet connections (including a 6 year old laptop that has so little power that it literally can't do anything BUT play internet flash games), and I almost never experience lag. When I do, I turn down the quality of games, and it solves it.

There is not a single game on this site I have played that lags when I have it set at low quality and don't have something else running. The ONLY time games freeze is if I have multiple windows opened - a lot of the stupid side-of-the-screen flash adds on sites these days do freeze flash player. But that's got nothing to do with the game itself.

If you have a problem with most games freezing and lagging, close all other windows and put the quality to low.

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