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Need Artist/Visual Designer and Composer/SoundEffects

Posted Jan 29, '14 at 4:55am



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A lot of game projects start off as great ideas, but then they never see the light of day. No surprises there â" game development can be a long and difficult process. In order to make sure my project doesnât waste anybodyâs time, itâs already almost complete !

Iâve completed 90% of the coding for my game and it is completely playable at this point. My problem is that Iâve only used stand-in graphics and have no sound at all. This is where Iâm looking for collaborators.

Iâm looking for a graphic artist and all round visual designer to help with everything from the 2d graphics to backgrounds, fonts, buttons and so on. In short, the whole visual appeal of the game. The game is largely menu based, so Iâm mostly looking for static, 2D pictures as well as buttons, icons and such.

Also, my game currently has no sound at all. If it comes to it then Iâll use some free-use sound effects, but Iâd love to give an opportunity to some musician or composer out there whoâd like to see their work featured in a game.

As for the game itself, itâs called âHeldâ and itâs a light RPG / adventure game with a couple of small minigames. The story is set in prehistoric times and revolves around a caveman who is sent to a prison / mine as punishment for stealing. The game is about trying to escape from the caveman prison.

If youâre interested then Iâm happy to send you the game as it stands at the moment, so you can have a play and see if itâs something youâd like to contribute to. Just send me a message !


Posted Jan 29, '14 at 10:21am



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an artist just posted yesterday HERE

this person HERE is looking for a programmer

and this person HERE is giving away free music, you just need to credit the person

good luck


Posted Jan 30, '14 at 8:11am



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Many thanks weirdlike !

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