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Ukraine Asks for US and Britain's Help in Crimea

Posted Apr 25, '14 at 8:29am



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Just going to add that the top contributors to the UN peacekeeping forces (motivated largely by the monetary incentives) include nations such as Bangladesh, Rwanda, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Nepal, etc. Not to be derisive, but it is clear where most of the UN's muscle is coming from - Second/Third World nations with large militaries that aren't always given the best training.

I haven't been following the Crimean situation too closely lately; I know Russia de facto controls the Peninsula after a rather shoddy minority-boycotted election and the appearance of Russian speaking gunmen around Ukrainian border bases, and that their ambassadors have reiterated to Europe they will not backtrack.

But what has happened to the supposed rabid responses from the rest of the world? It seems a bit quiet now.


Posted Apr 25, '14 at 11:50am



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American study shows that 80% of Ukraine prefer to speak on the Russian language. Link
It is for Ukraine as a whole. Donbass is close to 100%.

Look at the newest history of Ukraine - current Maidan is the THIRD successful revolution in last 15 years. All presidents milked East Ukraine (main area of manufacturing and mining). Last revolution ended with anti-Russian nationalists in the Kiev under USA control (let's be honest, when war operation starts from CIA director visit, it means something). People are tired of this Asylum, Kiev's attempt to ban Russian language was the last drop for the Eastern part. They revolted on their own.

As for "why rabid responses stopped" - Try to google for "Donald Cook"
I'm not sure that you can find much information in English, though.
It is the EU variant
After that "buzzing" 27 people from Donald Cook left the navy (!!!) because they didn't want to die. Now Donald Cook left the Black Sea in a hurry.
Think about it - 1 aircraft without weapon scared AA(!!!) ship to the point of desertion.
Speculations were about testing new Electronic Warfare weapon, which shut downed whole ship for hour.


Posted Nov 27, '14 at 11:36am



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I'm from Ukraine! I prefer to speak on the Ukrainian language!

P.S. I'm bad speak English!


Posted Nov 27, '14 at 4:39pm



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The younger gen want to be with E.U. while the older gen wants to be with Russia.

The younger gen does not understand that E.U. did nothing for us*as far as I know* and when the **** hit the fan they did not want to help us.

The older gen *my grandparents* were in the Ukraine when it was part of the USSR, my grandparents held good jobs and my mother got a free education*there is more to it but I digress*

I may be young and from Ukraine but I do not see why we need to be part of the E.U. or get involved with the U.S.

I've been in the U.S. for 10 years+ and I doubt they can help us with the current leader

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