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Gemcraft 2 CS Mana Farm Help

Posted May 18, '14 at 12:48am



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I'm 137 level. I read some topics but i couldn't understand. how do i set up it?


Posted May 18, '14 at 1:06am



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1. are you premium?
y: 137 is nominally enough to set one up, but it might be tricky.
n: it probably takes about level 160 to set one up fast enough to matter without endurance etc.

2. take a grade 2 red/black gem, add a grade 2 orange gem. upgrade this a bit(note: poolbound sortof works, but bloodbound's better in the long run.)
(someone computed that alternating direct upgrades and adding in an orange/red gem was optimal)
3. place in trap near entrance. (needs 6 amps)
4. place killgem behind mana farm gem.


Posted May 18, '14 at 1:15am



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yes i am pre. if it is tricky for me how can i level up faster? which fields are useful for it? and how spent skill points? thanks for help.


Posted May 18, '14 at 2:27am



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fractal, where did you hear that alternating direct upgrades is the best? Also, what exactly does that mean?


More advice-

max bloodbound, chain hit, crit, and orange masteries. Place loads of points into fusion, true colors, traps, and amplifiers, in that order of importance. At this level you cannot permafreeze, so don't bother adding any points to freeze. Leave enough mana for G5 + tower.

start with killgem in tower(1 red, 3 black, 4 yellow, grade 4 upgrade with U to grade 5) and anger as much as you can handle. Get enough mana for a grade 8.

Upgrade killgem if need be.

create tricolor orange black red(1 red 3 black 4 orange) and do the Specced method to upgrade it, using orange and black only. Black amps red ridiculously, and as the specced method keeps the red at exact same % level it initially was in the original gem, it will never be squished out.

Specced Method- Same as "Weaving" from GCL.

Create the above grade 4 managem(1/3/4 R/B/O)

Duplicate it

Create a grade 4 O and grade 4 Black.

Combine the O into one of the duplicated tricolors and the B into the other

Combine those.


Make grade 6's of O and B

Continue like that. It increases O and B both by 21%(estimated) and since black amps O, it in reality increases the managain of the gem by 42%, making it VERY valuable.

Make 6 amplifiers amping the manafarm gem. Make them pure black. Don't bother making them "optimal" as it's your first time, best to stay mostly simple, so just U them to upgrade.

Pure black modifies the amount of multiplier gained per hitlevel in the amped gem. Thus making it very valuable, as if the amp is amping a level 30 hitlevelled gem(for example. It's about 100 million hits I believe) then its value is multiplied by 30.

Also, add a blue-red trap right before and after the manafarm to make sure the monsters take as long as possible to cross it. Set to Random.

Finally, once mana gets flowing, do the specced method on the killgem with yellow and black, with black amps, in a trap, and anger with the grade that takes 1/1,000 your mana per anger. Or, if you prefer, just press U on the killgem, and make a 1 red - 31 black gem grade 6, upgrade with U until 30 shots per second in trap, then use that to farm hits. At about 1 million, add a pure Y of same grade to it, and revel in the huge damage it does.

Then, get experience. Anger every wave past 999 monsters, until you can barely handle it(but can kill in 3-4 shots from killtrap) and then at the end of the level, continue the same in endurance until you get overwhelmed/bored, then end it, and level up hundreds of times.

Good luck. If you need any more help don't hesitate to ask =)

My Qualifications: Level 3142, creator of the Crusade for a grade 100 gem thread, the first person to get a grade 68(surpassed the very next day, but....) and the second person to discover the same weaving in GCL as the specced method here, and the first to actively test its limits and report the exact % difference between pure U and specced.

Finally, when you get the mana going


Posted May 18, '14 at 3:52am



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can you also say which fields can i prefer? thanks for help.


Posted May 18, '14 at 4:43am



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So you have to be premium in order to be able to do manafarms?


Posted May 18, '14 at 4:45am



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I upgrade g1 red, 3 g1 blacks with 4 yellows and same as mana gem. is it true? I mean what are the specced and weaving methods?


Posted May 18, '14 at 4:38pm



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While you can do a manafarm without spending your 5 bucks, that really limits you. The reason being, a lot of the total experience will come from doing the Endurance, and that is unlocked through paying.

Without Endurance, you are limited (especially at lower levels) to a few stages that have the right gems (namely, red is available at the start, the others can be made available through skills) and a lot of waves.


Posted May 19, '14 at 2:41am



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From experience, yes, Astroshak is right. Manafarms without a lot of waves does not return much profit. It's simply a matter of taking too long to gain the mana necessary to build a farm that returns a profit, and then the map ends because the waves run out. Only twice have I felt I got more out of the farm than I spent on it. A straight up yellow-red kill tower gets me the same XP on most maps.


Posted May 19, '14 at 3:58am



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Huh, my post got cut off. Sorry about that.

I believe I suggested Y6 to start because there's a decent chokepoint, it has all colors unlocked(I think, someone said this, not sure) and it has a high base wave number. First, play earlier levels w/o farm until level 250ish, to get decent skills.

Then use Y6 and follow the above if premium.

If not, then I suggest first making a killtower of YBR, in importance of special. Then, make the typical orange tower with spamming beam(max beam and orange mastery, d'oh) on it. Anger as much as you can take. With grade ones to start, and upgrade the angering gem grade slowly....never run out of mana. I suggest don't use trait mana lock. Less XP multiplier, but easier to set up a farm that will probably generate more xp than multiplier will give.

At level 250 you can get both beam + orange to a respectable level. Make the orange tower grade 7 asap to take advantage of the bonus to level 7 gem+ from component skills.

Once you have enough mana for a grade 9-12, set up the farm, an ROB with a RB upgraded to 30 shots/sec(with beam enhance) infront of it set to random. Triple gem is the best with un maxed true colors, quad will detract, even if you use 4th spec to add white to it.

from there, upgrade as often as you can, using the specced method, and go as far as you can in angering each and every wave to the max your gems can handle.

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