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"Welcome there, young friend, Welcome where? you might ask.. the only answer is Hell, and where else?"
~Rys, Hell Guard

You have died, you know how, who killed you, and all the details. Now, the only thing to know is why you are here. You prayed every night, or did you not believe? That doesn't matter, for there is indeed a Heaven, and indeed a Hell. The only way to Heaven, unlike the bibles and religious texts say, is by blood. Not blood from real living people, but fighting to the (Re) Death of enemies in an arena. You will either suffer the eternal hell fires (Which really isn't that bad, you're dead, you cant feel anything...) So, what will it be? The arena? Of course, everyone picks the Arena. So, here's the rules.

~To win, you must collect the 'Souls' of your enemies. (Not really souls), thing is, souls work as Rating, Money, and Experience. If you go below 0 Souls, you are ****ed to be in a 3rd world village of hell, where you will suffer eternal hunger and thirst and things and it will be really, REALLY irritating. Don't worry, you can always sell your things to get more, if its THAT bad, but I have confidence in you... a little... No, I don't.

~The way you died and injuries you have gotten will affect you in the Arena, so if you died by dismemberment, ****, your screwed, but please note, the worse your injury, the more Souls you'll start out with!

~The way out of this arena is pretty simple. Get 666 Wins and then you can go! Hah, just kidding. to escape, you need to receive 99 Wins, then kill the Champion. More on that later.

~When you kill the previous Champion, if you want to go to Heaven, be my guest... but if you think going around worshiping and everything is a little brighter is really boring, then you can become the new Champion! Now THATS fun.

~This game is not meant to be against any religions, so if I offended you and/or your religion that doesn't believe in this, please don't hate spam. i'm sorry.

~Char. Sheet

Name: (Before death)
Nickname: *No one will address you by this until 10 Wins and 2000 Souls*
Health: 15/15
Death by: (This is debuff you, but give better Soul starting #)
Souls: 200
Big, Meaty Fists (Or not? lol)
Armor: Perfectly Tanned Skin (Or... not? o.o)
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
Tournaments entered: 0
Tournaments won: 0
Total Offense: 7~
Total Defense: 5~

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