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Back when the first Sonny hit the internet I was hooked;
I didn't develop games back then, but it's one of those games
that sparked my interest for the profession.
Now, close to the release of the third installment,
it's time for me to create a tribute.

I have been developing games on and off for a few years now;
In this period I've continued to learn through taking on different projects.

Sonny: Genesis is the next big project I've set for myself.
It'll cover much unexplored territory for me, and is a perfect opportunity to
grow as a developer.

I'll try to update this thread at least once a month with a
#development-update. Keep in mind that I'll be learning through development,
and it probably won't be a smooth road till completion.
Any and all feedback/input is appreciated!

#1 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE (04/08/2016)
(Design process in Adobe Flash)

First time drawing a full humanoid for one of my games!
It was drawn after a sreenshot I took of sonny ingame.
Had to devide him in all these layers to make animating him easier.
(Layers exported from Adobe Flash)

Speaking of animation, I recently aquired a copy of Spine.
I will be using it for all the animations in the game.
It makes my job alot easier cause I will be able to swap different
layers for different bones at runtime!

Animating in Spine was alot easier then I expected!
Animations done:
(Idle Animations)
(Melee Attacks)
(Cast/Buff Animation)
(Hit&Die Animations)
(Stun Animations)

I am by no means an animator, but I like how these turned out.
Also, the swords are placeholder at the moment; I ripped these of the Sonny Wiki

Next up will be designing armorsets and weapons;
I plan to have most of the stuff drawn and ready to go before I head over to programming.

- Jeremy

#2 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE (01/02/2017)

Long time no C#

I never intended to stay quiet for this long,
in fact I planned to make this my most vocal project yet!
So let me tell you what happened...

Development was going great.
A good amount of armor and weapon designs were done;
about 15 full-sets. Most of it still needed detailling, but it was all there.
I had already sketched out how the engine and mechanics would work internally,
and started prototyping them.

Then it happened... My harddrive failed on me.
All the work I did was gone.

Although I never wished for this to happen, I've learned a valuable lesson.
Back up your work!
I'm storing everything in the cloud from here on out.
Let's face it, if this were to have happened near the end of development,
it would have been much worse.

I didn't want to do another update just to explain I have to start over again;
I have some good news aswell.

I'll be re-designing the base character.
I'll have to re-draw it anyways, and I want to improve it over the old one.
It seemed a bit lifeless to me, and I want to change that.
Not to mention the cross on his chest and wierd legs @ivanxxxxxxx already pointed out.

To the winners of the armor design competition, your armors will still be included!
I'll just be adapting them to fit the new design of the characters.
The winners were:
@spaceskeleton @jonathannanhu @Koshionos

Lot's of great entries were submitted, so I had chosen three winners!
I appreciate the amount of responses to the contest,
I loved it, and I'll definitely have a different contest in the future!

So in this down-time when I couldn't work on the game on my computer,
I whipped out a note-pad and started writing down story ideas.
At this point, it has evolved into a cohesive plot.
There are still gaps to be filled, and zones have yet to be designed,
but key elements of the story are basically set in stone.
This wasn't an easy task, but I'm confident fans of the series will love it *hint*

Gameplay-wise I've decided I wanted to incorporate AOE skills.
I don't have an iOS device so I don't know if Krin has added these to the re-boot,
but it is something I'd like to add to the established sonny 'formula'.

I've also hit the drawing boards again,
I decided to focus mainly on the UI to get my mind back in the game.
Good progress has been made:
(Mimicking the original health and focus bar)
(Different buff/de-buff icons)
(Background panel)

Some portrait work has also been done,
but I won't show this for obvious reasons

That's it for this update!
I hope this clears everything up a bit,
and development goes smoothly from here on out!

It's good to see you guys are still around
- Jeremy

#3 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE (17/02/2017)

Hey guys!
Development is on a roll again;
I've designed the new base character for the game.
(New Character Design)

As you can see it's pretty similar to the original sonny games,
and definitely an improvement over the old design.

I've already finished rigging the new character and started the animations
(New Idle Animations)

The shown weapon is the only item done so far.
The next step will be designing armorsets and adding more weapons.

Just a short but sweet update!
- Jeremy

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Hello ! I heard that you working in new Sonny and I want to help
I remember that game from my childhood and I so sad that new Sonny in IOS soo bad
Maybe you can creat game that be really worthy for all players ! Not cheap remake in IOS and Steam
I mean the real legendary SONNY !
I belive in you art and your sketches really excited my !
If you need my opinion or help thith hard chouse ask
Look forward and waiting your news
Good luck ( Sorry fot my poor English I'm Russian )

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@MaxPi Thanks for the kind words!
I'm hard at work coding all the systems atm;
once that's done, I'm going to revamp this thread with all the new stuff.

Sadly I only have every other Saturday to really work on the game;
but It's coming along nicely, if I do say so myself.
- Jeremy

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Nice one @Miraidematro don't worry, take your time. It looks great already. I am glad you haven't given up! xD

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Since we are going to create a new Sonny
As a fan, I must share my ideas, which will bring a bit of variety to the game!
1. Black market
In the entire Sonny series there are shops, why we do not add a new way to buy cool equipment in a black market, there is only one window with a question mark and the price, clicking on it, and paying the player gets a random item that may not be in the shop but is will be from this zone.
2. Broken equipment
With the victory Sonny can get broken equipment it can not be dressed but can be repaired with money or sold, also broken equipment can be obtained from a black shop, it's a random.
3.Training club
Now for a maney you can learn new skills and improve them in the training club, skills will be displayed in the skill pool but they can not be improved for the skill point only for money.
Now in Sonny in a battle between diologists, you can choose what Sonny will answer, it's not affect in battle but with this player will feel more free.

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@MaxPi New Ideas are always welcome and I encourage anyone to share them!

1. Very intriguing! Not hard to implement,
and adds an interesting risk/reward element.
I'd like to know how more people feel about this one.
2. I've been playing with the idea of upgradable equipment,
but ultimately dropped it because I decided I want the player
to be constantly swapping gear and finding new interesting items.
Broken equipment however does sound very interesting;
Are we also talking about equipment that degrades after each fight?
3. I don't think it's a good idea to add skills that you can only
upgrade with money; because I think it would take away from choosing
and upgrading the right skills with limited points to spend.
Maybe I'm wrong though.
4. Funny that you bring this up, cause I had something like this planned;
moments where you could actually influence the story by choosing
differently. I'm not going forward with it though, since it would take
a significant amount of extra work. I'd have to create multiple paths
with different fights to really make the choises mean something, and I
already have a story i want to tell in mind. P.S You won't be playing as
Sonny! The game will feature a brand new cast of characters, in the same
universe as the original flash games.

The OP is very outdated by this point;
I can't wait to show the new stuff!
I'm very busy around the holidays,
so I'm hoping to revamp this thread by the end of January.

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Will the new characters influence the characters of the original Sonny?
Will be revealed secrets about Utopia and the future of Sonny 2?

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@MaxPi I'll reveal everything I want to reveal about the story in the January update

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1 and 2 are great 3 is kinda meh. 4 would be awesome but I can understand the amount of work

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I am a old fan of Sonny, I remember when it first came out. I am unsure if others have suggested this idea already: side quests.

example #1: kill 15 ZPCI soldiers in area 1

example #2: kill 5 ZPCI specialists

example #3: kill a ZPCI courier

example #4: kill a powerful ZPCI unit (i.e. the ZPCI paladin boss from Sonny 1)

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Whats rewerd will be from side quest ?
Money? Exp? Or maybe some cool weapons ?
Where be this side quests ? Maybe like in original Sonny you must click in something or someone in Roaming Mode and you will see not only text but also a quests ! it's be cind intresting!

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