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Welcome to the fourth count to 500 game.

In this game players must use dice to count to 500 by doing the following

1. State the current number which the count has reached
2. Roll 1d20
3. Flip 1 coin

Counting works as follows

The count starts at zero and resets upon completion of a count. You add the number on the 1d20 but, if the coin comes up as tails, divide the roll by 2 (rounding up) and take the resulting number away from the count. Mods and admins (if they ever join) always take away a full d12 and therefore don't have to flip a coin. The count can become negative and if it ever reaches -250, the mods and admins win, even if they haven't contributed. Any post that doesn't count or makes a mistake instantly removes 20 from the count (or adds twelve if it's a mod or admin), unless it is an intentional mistake meant to hinder one side, in which case it should be completely ignored. Missing the current count is a mistake (but if you still add to the count, the addition or subtraction counts as well as the penalty). Back to back (p1, p2, p1, p2, like in count to 100) counts as a mistake as well as double posting. B2b still counts, even if a mistake has been made in between viable posts. B2b only doesn't count if there is a reset. Double posting is allowed if it is to repeat a roll or flip which didn't work (because it contained invalid punctuation, for example) or which was forgotten.

Reaching 500 results in a win.

Players may name their rolls in any way (as long as it is not intentionally offensive).

Players must also count their personal scores with every post. This will be the players total contribution to their side in the game, including mistakes. At the end of each round, the totals shall be used to update the leaderboard. These totals are for all games and will not reset upon starting a new count.


@HahiHa - 1638
@KatPryde - 828
@Swarmlord2 - 336
@Ramit12 - 325
@Muffin1634 - 290
@Touchemoisituveux - -22

If you didn't post your score from the last game, then please do so now.

Having escaped the maze, you need to find another way into the inner chambers. The guardians don't bother you at all, as you explore the smaller ruins in the area around the large temple. You soon find a building which has collapsed on the inside, revealing tunnels, below the level of the maze. They are largely blocked off, unstable passages and will be difficult to traverse, however this is most likely the only way to get back to the temple. However, before you can enter the old tunnels, you must clear the rubble blocking the small entrance.

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