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Periodic Poetry Contest - Theme: Touch of Truth (Page 390, due Jan. 28)

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Posted Sep 29, '08 at 12:33pm



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Oh noes! I can't miss a chance to write about utopia! It's one of my favorite topics

by UT

He stood.
Gazing down a thousand perfect rows of perfect little houses.
The were all painted the same color.
They were all the same size.

He walked.
Past house after house.
Perfect little famlies in each.
All living perfect little lives.

He sat.
Something was wrong.
Everything in this world was perfect.
Except him.

He slept.
Dreaming of chaos and uncertainty.
A labyrinth of stone.
He woke up in a silent scream.

He waited.
The sun rose high into the sky.
No clouds visable.
Another perfect day.

He thought.
Contemplating the utopia.
Knowing that he was the flaw.
He was the imperfection in this perfect world.

He died.


Posted Sep 29, '08 at 6:41pm



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A Revelation

We will never have to feel sorrow or pain
Cause only good things it will bring

A paradise for all who are willing
To serve Jehovah our god

He promises that death will be no more
And that all the wicked ones will be gone

For this earth will be made over
Into a perfect place for life

It won't be a mindless place
Where you're controlled and not free

No nothing has to be the same
No rows of seeming endless matching houses

Everything is different, what ever you want it to be
You can live out under the stars

Cause no clouds will ruin the day
The air you can breathe, no population to destroy it

The sea is no longer green but a brilliant blue
The lion and the lamb sit in peace

Nether afraid, the animals will forever be tamed
Enough food for all, no more staving kids

No discrimination, of color or race
This is a utopia, a perfect place.


Posted Oct 1, '08 at 12:23pm



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that's why I can't see it
I can't see the utopia
I know that it's out there
but I
nor you
can see it

we may be blind-
through loss
and anger
and sadness
-to utopia

I can feel it
I can feel the edges
soft, silky, smooth
wrapping around any good deed
not any good person

any good person has flaws

utopia doesn't

good people aren't in utopia
good people are human
good people are here
with me
and you

utopia is perfect

perfection is relative



Posted Oct 1, '08 at 12:24pm



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Okay, sorry, I want to make a revision.





Posted Oct 2, '08 at 5:09pm



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ooh utopia, i like it!
here goes..

epiphany for a perfect world
by lytnin

to see the world in a drop of rain
or in the smallest grain of sand
to see a world without pain
to hold perfection by the hand

to see every blade of grass
cut down to perfect size
to make the perfect time pass
with a perfect sunrise

to see the perfect ocean
dance over the perfect sand
to have the perfect potion
to make it all so grand

utopia is a wonderful thing
perhaps too perfect for some
but know this, my friends
our time will come

i think i did better than last week


Posted Oct 2, '08 at 6:53pm



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I think i did better then last week

Ya Lythin I loved it, It brought the whole feel of it, i could picture everything u were saying and it gave a good message to....

Posted Oct 3, '08 at 5:04pm



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These are all really good! There is a tough competition this week.

Note: the town's name is pronounced Thistle-eye.
Here is my poem:

The Town of Thistleigh
by mvpguy22

Did you ever visit to Thistleigh?
It was quite a pretty town, says I.
It had perfect homes with perfect streets,
And perfect birds with perfect tweets.
Perfect weather all the time,
And perfect bells with perfect chimes.
That was all I heard before I went to Thistleigh,
But I learned that there was more,and it caught my eye.

Entering through the great Violet Door,
You stopped and stared at perfection, nothing more.
It gleamed and shined every color and hue,
Of purple you can imagine, even some blue.
Getting through was not a task to take lightly,
You had to beg and bribe slightly,
But once I got through, what an amazing sight!
Everything was perfect, everything was just right.

I walked the streets of Thistleigh,
Waving to all the townspeople, who all said,"hi!"
I saw happy families, with healthy kids,
And a few dogs that were abnormally big.
At twelve o'clock, right on the dot,
It was time for lunch, and nobody forgot!
The food was scrumptious, oh so delish!
I wish I could have another dish.

Now I'm really sorry to tell you, my friend,
That this is where the perfection ends.
For when I closed my eyes and smelled the breeze,
I let out the most gigantic sneeze.
The germs once inside of me landed on a girl,
And she turned green, and begn to hurl.
From that point, the people began to fall,
Like dominoes, not one, but all.

I ran out, stricken with guilt,
As I dystroyed the only perfect city built,
I hid in the shadows, and let out a cry,
For all of those from Thistleigh.


Posted Oct 3, '08 at 5:37pm



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wow this is gonna be a tough competition lol. nice job adrecka and mvpguy. those are awesome


Posted Oct 3, '08 at 5:46pm



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Islands of green grass with beautiful shining blue sky as it looked as water.No pollution and were animals will sing and sing until crying babies stopped crying and went to sleep into their sweet dreams.Dolphins jumping majestically out of the water after the sun rose in the horizon.Birds chirping a lullaby and make the morning a new bright day for life.A place were people say "Thank you Jesus for giving me one more day for my life.Thank you Jesus for letting me have a beautiful family and amazing friends that are always there for me.

That is my kind of world that would make me happy.
I say too"Thank you Jesus for letting me have another breath and a beautiful life in this world"
I Love You.


Posted Oct 4, '08 at 12:04am



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Ohh i really liked Mvpguys and lytnins. Litnin Created a great pictuer but Mvpguy tolds a great story.