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Last Stand: The Story

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(this not the original story of last stand but since it doesn't tell its beginning i am going to make my own. screen shots used are last stand and pandemic 2)

Last Stand: The story

Chapter 1: It starts with "V"

Name is John Graham, 25 years old and i lived California U.S.A.

year is 2015

i am at my home watching television when something interrupted my show. it was a newsflash saying rumors about this kind of virus called "Venistraten Virus" or "V-Virus". it said that it is a kind of weapon Russia is using against the U.S spreading it killing millions to make U.S surrender and bring Russia to its power against the world again.

But they are dead wrong. Russian specialists and military officers had been accidentally infected by the radiation of the virus. the worst is that the virus is transmitted not just by air but also trough water, insects, and rodents that the scientist experimented. the laboratory is ravaged by the death of hundreds inside. the Russian government takes the task of closing all of its border meaning nothing will go out until a vaccine is made in order to save mankind. a few days later the virus spread through out russia. one man escaped and escaped Russia using his private plane. he gets to America not knowing he is infected. thus after going in some hospital to be checked the doctors,nurses,patients,all of the people inside where also infected. in matter of few days all is going to be infected. including my town.

just my luck. when i was trying to escaped the city i have seen this incredible news. The international health authority just had sent the news that whole of America is infected

United nations already closed Russia and the vaccine its using to cure the people. but in matter of days they will all die. same faith in the U.S. well in order to survive i will stay in my house. the virus has many symptoms if one has it. there is sneezing,coughing, etc or should we say the usual. but these gets worst and worst everytime i see people having these. it looks like that judgment day for america is near. another news spread through out the country saying the "V" is killing many of our people. thus security became tight.

this ain't normal. no one is healthy?? but i am healthy. i think. not going out for a few days is paying enough for me not to get sick. but many had already died. as for Russia. it became a forsaken country and America is going to be next. weeks had passed. power is gone thus no more t.v for me. all of the transits, schools, ports, airports, even bus lines are gone. i had just known that in all of the days i am wasting in my house gives me enough to survive not knowing my fellowmen are already obliterated. we are just few in America. but luckily they are all californians.<br>/1_429877589l.jpg

i have only a few days of supply. before my time runs out i have to get some. this time i met someone! good he is in good condition and has enough for us to get in a few weeks. we traveled to seek out survivors and we met a few. which died a few days & hours later. but the insanity didn't just begin there. there is these rumor that corpses are walking like ragdolls killing everything they seek. most likely those zombie movies i always watch. but this one is for real. and the best part is! we had encountered one but it is in an police station. my friend grabs me a glock pistol and begins to shoot the dude. but he is not alone. we run into a house in the middle of nowhere and barricade ourselves. "this is insane!" that is what he said. looks like this virus isn't just killing people. it brings them back to life. thus making my journey harder than what i expected.

-End of Chapter 1-

watch out for chapter 2: lost in the middle


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Great except viruses aren't radioactive.

The story was good, but I don't think it ties in real world.


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Last Stand: the story

Chapter 2: Lost in the middle

Lost in the middle of nowhere. my friend and i tried to barricade the house we found and hold of the zombies coming in our way. after clearing the house we are ready to hold the line for the night. just a few minutes after our diddly escape my friend is bitten on the hand by one of the zombies lurking inside. Holy S***. he became infected. this seems not to be good but i have to do something or somewhat. in matter of hours he will became one of them. i can't do anything. i am afraid to lose him. but it is late. he became an re-animated corpse and surely i need to kill him. i am all alone again by now then tomorrow i should be more ready. I finished the wall today it should hold them off for a while. those freak zombies keeps coming and this wall will kinda protect me. I hope. tomorrow i better look for survivors and something better to protect myself with. i have to get first through the night. bringing this barricade wall myself alone takes a lot of my time. i just wish i could find something...

with my trusty glock pistol and of course bullets came from the police station.i hold of most of the zombies coming after me. it is insane killing people but zombies are an exemption. this human things are freaky enough to make me puke. but still i need my focus to survive. the only way to make myself live for the days to come is just stay at night for the rest of my life. well night one will be over in a few minutes. this zombies are still coming but the sun is ready to rise. at that point i knew that sun is their weakness. or it is just making them more vulnerable and easier to kill. and truly they come on daylight but not much. day 1 is over and my search has begun. while scouring the open field. i heard this battery-powered radio that the military is in control of the situation. they are evacuating the people who are still alive and will be cured with the vaccine founded. choppers will scout the whole vicinity within 20 days. thus making myself invigorated knowing that there is still a chance of making my life worthily again. i search for more guns and guys to help me hold my line until a chopper comes. i found one guy named luis and we became friends. he also already equip knowing he had already scoured my whole town looking too for survivors. the sun is already setting and the zombies are already getting out running and eating what they can found. we ran back to my fortress jump to my barricade and set for another night of battle thus making day 2 over also.

day 3. after holding more zombies than what i could think. luis and i are making arguments on where to find. there is the bank, the mall, police stations, stores and more. we have decided to split and return to our post in the fortress. i started at the police stations and gun stores. well what a surprise! more bullets and more supply. but no guns at all. well i found a .357 revolver and supplies that will last for weeks. sun is setting again. luis cam back with supply bags and two more comrades. rod and renz. atleast we are more equip than ever. day 3 is over making me more braver to surpass these casualty the world has given us.

day 3 is over then comes day 4

Day 4. well day 4 is good enough for us to get killed. thanks to our barricade we are still alive. "I can't believe our government has deceived us leaving us here to die" rod said. as i speak to them about the rescue something had interrupted us. it s a man carrying guns and ammo. looks like he wants to fight together with us. he is welcome to joined us but he revealed he is infected. his last wish is to be killed. he died not knowing our names as we don't knew him. night is coming and still we wait for the big kill. here are the zombies walking and running. they destroy our barricade little by little, piece by piece. good thing the old man carries a ump45 submachinegun and a shot gun. lukily! sun is rising. our adventures keep getting slower but we are getting to our goal. hours past. endless horde of zombies coming. the day ends. hahahahahaha i just laughed. we are already surviving for 5 days now. cool said the rest.

-end of chapter 2-

Watch out for chapter 3:lost souls


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cool good story i like it


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Pretty cool story! I was wondering when someone would make this!


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Nice story man!


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Very impressive!You used another game right?


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Nice usage of Pandemic and TLS to make a great story!


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Last Stand: The Story

Chapter 3: Lost Souls

Day 5

"5 days already?" that's what i had in mind. we are just 15 days away from the rescuers but still it seems that they cannot pinpoint our location. 4 people are here waiting. hundreds of zombies lurking. and still no sign of those choppers. looks like hope is all lost. all in day 5. well im kinda use to the zombie killing. i almost made it a hobby. we even created a contest by competing who had the most zombie kills for the night. ahhh. day 5 is moving slow. we march to the city downtown to find more of what we can. after finding some supplies. we have some great time in this arcade station. good thing it is powered with generator. after having some fun we didn't notice this guy hiding in the cash register. he was mike the owner of the arcade. he told us his story and let him join our little group. it was about 3 pm when we are going back to our barricade when another group of zombies attack us. i equip my ump45 while the others launched their best weapons. I gave mike a shotgun to use. the only thing is we are trapped outside this building. the doors are locked and we cannot get inside the building and outside the zombie wall. looks like the end. NO. mike shoots on one of the zombie and finds an opening. after that he run away from us. it looks like he is going to betray and live to himself but he did it the other way. by luring the zombies with some of the food he is bringing we escaped. we tried to help him but it looks like he is too exhausted to run. he had sacrificed himself just to let us live. after killing those freak zombies. we mourned for a day. i cannot forget that day. our friend which we just had for a few hours had already given his life to us. i was so angry but i cannot do anything. we just came back to the arcade. bringing a moving truck. we carried all the arcade games and the generator and bring it back to our little fortress. the four of us have some fun while killing those zombies. sun is rising again. looks like day 6 will just be our day off.

Day 6
Day 6 has begun. as i said earlier this is the day we don't work. with the arcade games running. the 3 guys enjoyed playing for hours until our generator has run out of gas. i told them i will just roam around and breathe the freakishly fresh air. i came around this market place. and looks like its up and running. with zombies of course. i hide in the boxes to avoid casualty while finding my self something to eat. after joking around the place i came off with this fast food chain. cool McDonalds. i tried to order but what am i thinking there are no people around. i grab those remaining happy meals to play around and totally planning on making them artillery rounds of my cannon i also wanna built. i tried to return to the police station to find something interesting. inside there is this fat policeman carrying a sawn-off shotgun. and looks like he is going to use it against me. Holy kadoodles!!!! he had a weapon!!!. i tried to hide my self when he is about to shoot. another thing had set my mind "what am i doing" he is a dumb zombie, he only knows how to eat freakishly. i shot him until his head pops out grabs his weapon and return to the fortress. "phew what a day" is all i can say. night is coming and looks like our generator has run out of gas. we better find a gas station that can provide us the right kind of fuel. but first the zombies are coming and we better get ready. my men had gone to their post and lets get ready to rumble!!! exploding style!!

Day 7

well after what we had last night day 7 comes!! ahh if GOD rested on the 7th day we also rested. all day nothing! "i am bored. lets get something to play with" renz said. renz and rod came out to get something while luis sleeps in the beds. i myself was also bored. i waked up luis and told him that i will get some gas to fill up the generators. rod and renz came to me and said that they will just join me instead. but getting there is more harder than i expected. "i thought this no work day. and why are we running for our lives from these zombies?" rod shouted. i answered that we need gas for the generator. at last a gas station. we ride a car which seems to work and take all the gas and food from the side store. we came back fill in and let the fun begins. looks like zombies also cooperated in our 7 day dilemma and didn't attack in the morning. but when the moon rises they had attack more furiously and aggressive. they almost broke our barricade. holy cow!!! well we had hold them off. hah. one week of zombie killing. this is not just a game we are playing. this is already a nightmare.

Day 8

day 8. our supplies is running out even though it must last for weeks. we luis prepared as for renz. rod is sick of indigestion for eating much junk food. my search party is ready while rod stays. we need to go fast to the hospital to check on medicines. Luis and renz had gone to find more supplies while i had gone to the hospital to check more survivors and get some medicines for rod. But it seems to be a big wrong move. as i enter the hospital there is many who are checked in. you know what i am saying. Zombies. i pretend myself as a zombie just to get to the drug store. after getting what i want i was just running for my life when someone shouts! its a man. his name is zanjoe. he is not infected or anything and the good thing is he is a doctor. i gave him a gun and we run like crazy back to our fortress. rod and luis aren't there yet so i better go search for them. Dr. Zanjoe cures rod for the time while i was watching out for enemies. it is already 4 in the afternoon and sun is setting. "cmon guys where are you" i muttered. 2 hours later the zombies are showing again. looks like i have nothing to do but to defend the fortress. 1 hour is passed a ravaging car has dumped on all the zombies. it was rod and luis bringing weapons of mass distractions!! hahaha and uzi and and a hunting rifle! brilliant!! with zanjoe on our team. we have a better chance targeting and killing those freaks. well we had just to get for the night. i feel there will be a miracle tomorrow.

-End of Chapter 3-

watch out for chapter 4: Lost Courage regains

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