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The Pivot Animation Contest

Posted May 15, '09 at 12:15am



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Okay, I understand that there is an animation contest but, this one is for Pivot only. I will assign each week a new topic and judge. I will allow the winner of each week to pick three topic of which I must choose one. I will pick the judge on my own. For those of you who don't now what Pivot is here is how it works.

1. Download Pivot here. (PCs only)

2. Install Pivot. (Not required by all computers)

3. Open Pivot.

3.5. Read the manual. (Optional)

4. Go to file click "Create Figure Type" to make an object.

5. To use this, go in the the creation screen, go to file, then insert in animation. Don't forget to save it!

6. Once you have the figures, slightly move them the wa you want them to be animated, after moving hit next frames, click this multiple times to slightly slow the animation.

7. Continue step 6 until your animation is complete.

8. Click the play button in the corner to preview your animation.

9. Make any changes you may need.

10. Save somewhere as a gif.

11. Upload it to imageshack, photobucket etc.

12. Click on the animation (on the image website) until it is a blank window excluding the animation.

13. Copy the URL of that window.

14. Post it on this thread!

Here is a format for submitting animations:

(Name of Animation)

(Animation Here)

(Creator Here)

(Date of Submission Here)

This weeks topic is... The Circus! Post something that is at least mentions a circus in it. It doesn't have to be a circus. (Ex: A guy watches TV and a advertisement for a circus comes on, that would be considered on-topic.) The deadline for this weeks contest is Saturday, May 23rd.


Posted May 15, '09 at 5:38am



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Hey mate:

There's an animation contest already.

Just to let you know.


Posted May 15, '09 at 6:08am



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Ermm....Ok then. Like Random said, there is already an animation contest, however you said that in the opening sentence.

So this is in Pivot only then. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I have enough trouble getting entries into the Animation Contest. I believe that this is almost double making a competition.

A nice tutorial though...


Posted May 15, '09 at 5:41pm



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Posted May 15, '09 at 5:43pm



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Combo Pratice
May 15 09


Posted May 15, '09 at 6:00pm



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Wow dude, that is really good =0

I have never been good an pivot.


Posted May 15, '09 at 6:04pm



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I might download pivot later.

oh and hi ricardor havent seen u in a while. btw im on that yuku amorgames chat thing right now so go on if u can. kthx


Posted May 15, '09 at 6:07pm



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Nice pivot, but you kinda overuse the quake effect. It reduces the impact of it. and some of the moves are a bit, well, impossible the way he does them- but your easing and overall animation is pretty much spot on.


Posted May 15, '09 at 6:17pm



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The only move that seems a bit surrealistic is the 360 degree spin in midair, alt. I'm pretty sure skilled experts can do the rest as easily as the pivot. It was pretty simple, bit still nicely done. This is from the point of view of a person who has no experience in Pivot.


Posted May 15, '09 at 6:51pm



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Hey UploaderX, that is really good, is there like special effects that make it shake or did you do that manually? I made a few Pivot animations, but they kinda suck. XD

That's an auto-win if no one enters in a week, that's plenty of time. If anyone else joins they win, you were off-topic, the topic is circus. You may submit a second entry just to ensure you win if anyone else joins.

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