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Haiku Contest - Broken Bond (page 531, due: Feb 2)

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Posted Sep 9, '09 at 8:12pm



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I think the next theme should be violent in some way. Now that will be interesting...


I'm fine with you judging.
Just hurry, please.

KK, well I guess people don't have a problem with my judging, thanks people.

I'll judge later tonight, at around 8:45-9:30 PST.

Posted Sep 10, '09 at 12:39am



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Well, solid round everyone, lots of entries! As you know... the theme was The Fruit Tree. In total, we had 13 official entries, which is a lot! If you are not aware, Maverick has appointed me to judge, whether he is going to come back and judge or not, I honestly don't know. But without further ado, lets get to the judging. I'll be using an awards format similar to Parsat's (wood, iron, gold awards... etc.) so thank you to him for the idea.

The wood award (5th place) goes to... Bronze

Lonely tree swaying
Fruit to give but none to take
Waiting for someone

Nice entry. I really understood that this was a solitary tree... just swaying, waiting for someone to discover its fruit. Nice.

The iron award (4th place) goes to... dudeguy45

A haven in hell
green moss creeping up soft bark
Succulent fruit shines

I liked this one. I liked how it was a haven in hell... hell being a horrible place, yet the fruit is shiny and succulent, and the bark is soft.

The bronze award (3rd place) goes to... Pois0nArr0w

Hollowing alone,
An ancient oak stands erect,
Holding dark secrets.

Ah, the ancient fruit of knowledge. A great description, created good imagery. Nice job!

The silver award (2nd place) goes to... Moabarmorgamer

Beautiful orchard
Clusters of my apple trees
Leaves red, gold, and brown

Congratulations on 2nd place! Good imagery, showed an awesome picture in my mind, especially with the golden leaves.

The gold award (1st place) goes to... GuitarHeroFtw

The dazzling fruit tree
Sparkles in the moonlight glare
Silently swaying.

Wow... all I can say is, amazing imagery. Good use of alliteration in the final line too... this totally created a clear picture in my mind.

Congratulations on winning! I'd tell you to go get a merit... well... but there is no merit prize (right now, at least) :P

The Onomatopoeia Award goes to... fluffybunny422

The fruit-filled branches,
Holding me from my demise,
I check the branch, snap.

Nice haiku. You are the only one who used an example of onomatopoeia (sound word). Good job!

The I entered than became judge award goes to... shayneii

Tumbling apple drops,
Time-worn tree cracks; piercing sound,
Farewell storied tree.

Well yeah... I already entered... so I had to put this in here...

The Death Award goes to... sourwhatup2

Danger Lurks Inside
It will Stand out from the Rest
It will cause you death

Quite a dark haiku! Didn't understand what it really had to do with a fruit tree though...

The Love Award goes to... goumas13

Beneath the fruit tree
Sits a beautiful woman
Looking up at me

Beautiful women Not much about the fruit tree though :P

The ADHD Award goes to... Owen135731

The fruit tree grows fruit,
But what is that in the ground?
Oh, its a carrot

Distracted easily much? :P (it's a joke!)

The Amnesia Award goes to... Ernie15

One fat lumberjack
Cuts down an ugly fruit tree
It lands on my head

And you can remember that after a terrible blow to the head?! :P

The First-Timer award goes to... jdoggparty

I picked an apple
Inside was a big surprise
The worm kicked my face

Funny haiku :P

Another First-Timer award goes to... the_manta

Life giver to all,
a wise elder among us,
Plentiful and kind

Awesome job for your first time!

Sorry if I forgot anyone... pretty sure I didn't though... I hope you liked my judging!

And here is next week's theme...

Theme: Mountain(s)
Deadline: September 17/09 11:59 PM PST

Could a mod please change the title? Thanks, if no one does in the next couple days, I'll just post a comment on a mod's profile. Thanks, and congratulations to GuitarHeroFtw for winning.

Posted Sep 10, '09 at 2:19am



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Holy crap i won!!!!

So when merit's are allowed i can collect one? or is it just an imaginary merit?


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 2:54am



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Congrates GuitarHero.

Are we allowed to go ahead and post mountian Haiku now?


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 3:22am



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OH yeah btw, i cant get ranked this round can i? cause i won


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 10:13am



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Yeah, you can post mountain haikus now. And to guitarhero... you can't come in 1st this round (mountain round).


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 10:40am



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First one I guess.

Crafted at the dawn,
Ancient ones guarding over
They blink, we are gone.


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 11:14am



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Alright then, here we go.

The mountian cracks, groans,
His treacherous slope crumbles
Fire burns through him.


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 11:21am



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Where is mine? YOU DIDN'T JUDGE MINEEE!!! D:


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 2:10pm



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Distracted easily much? :P

No, not at a- Oooo Shiny!