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YOUR Quotes Thread [Time pg 29]

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Posted Aug 3, '10 at 9:00pm



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"The difference between a man and a mutt? You can book a mutt in for neutering and it won't complain about it all month."


Posted Aug 4, '10 at 1:05pm



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if pets of some sort are in most of the worlds homes, how is it the stupidity finds into all the countrys homes?

(I Don't get it at all)

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

(I can easily find this quote elsewhere using google alone.)

"Saying that dogs are man's best friend cheapens the ability of man to make friends does it not? Is loyalty such a hard trait to come by that we have to revert to holding smelly beasts to a higher regard than other human beings? With that said I do find that a cat makes a good companion because the ability of other humans to shut their mouths is a very hard trait to coke by."

(Although I quite like the quote, I don't really agree with it. You have to make friends with a pet too, just like humans. Nothing done without some work)

I don't march to the beat of a different drummer, the b*stard plays the basoon.

(Not the subject)

Dogs are fun and playful. they will help you with anything. while cats are always lazing about.. plotting and scheming their evil doings

(I disagree. I'm no catlover but I do know cats have good things too... And dogs bad ones)

"If you take a stray dog and add some imagination and a bit of money, you get your best friend. stray dog+imagination=best friend. Therefore, if you rob your best friend and surgically remove his imagination, you get a stray dog.

(A good quote. I don't fully agree with it, but it's the best one in my opinion about pets.)

"The difference between a man and a mutt? You can book a mutt in for neutering and it won't complain about it all month."

(It's a good quote. I can't find it elsewhere, but still I don't think it persuaded me enough to declare you the winner)

Tomer has won the contest. He is the one to chose the next subject. Thanks for all your submitted quotes

seriously people judge this puppy so we can get a new topic

Seriously ace, can you be a little patient. I don't have too much spare time, especially as of late. You guys might not work in your holidays, but I do. And plenty aswell!

Posted Aug 4, '10 at 1:08pm



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"Why are we doing this?"

Ponder that one for a while.


Posted Aug 7, '10 at 12:22am



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Ok the next topic is.... "the meaning of life the universe and everything". and please dont say 42. Sorry for you healman. I fell sad about even on this one contest.


Posted Aug 7, '10 at 12:30am



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"A person's significance isn't measured by a test, but by his or hers action and deeds."


Posted Aug 7, '10 at 1:04am



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mentioning my previous quote is was a joke.. it wasn't a serious one but a joke anyway

we had a similar topic earlier in the thread but this one might be specified to this topic..

"our knowledge has grown a lot in the 1 to 2 million years of living on this planet.. it has been the past 3000 years which has been the most significant. but our ever expanding knowledge won't be able to compete against the speed of the expanding universe"


Posted Aug 7, '10 at 1:19am



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I really wanted to do the sex one so i'll put in this not counting as my entry.

Why do guys like woman with curves, because we need a little cushion while were pushin'.

This one is my entry.

There is no meaning of life.think of it like a picture of a youit means a nice sandy beach that you may wish to visit sometime but what do you think it means to a dog or a cat or an apple.


Posted Aug 8, '10 at 8:44pm



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i know, this isnt really followin the new topic, but i juss wanted to see wat people thought of it, its not deep or anything, i said it while i was hitting my cousin, and he was like, 'stop!' and i was like, 'MY HANDS ARE DECEIVING ME!!!' lol


Posted Aug 8, '10 at 10:12pm



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My quote is...

For ArmorGames:
The one-up of every flash game site you've seen!

For Me:
Yeah, i'm wierd, got a problem with it, dumb***?


Posted Aug 9, '10 at 12:15am



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How about...."If the universe was a can of soda, we would be the miniscule bit of backwash at the bottom."