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[vs] Favourite GAME/CONSOLE of all time

Posted Jan 4, '11 at 6:44am



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Use this thread to express your opinions on different games.
You can list games any way you want, adding factors like console, series or genre to your post.
However, please be sure to add a reason for your choices instead of just spamming up names.


Legend of Zelda: I like -game- best, because it is...
CoD: I really enjoy -game-, as...
Xbox: I think the best game for this is -

and so on.

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The Dynasty Warriors games are available on the:
Nintendo DS
Nintendo GBA

I like the Dynasty Warriors games. Especially number 4-6. that's when they were the best in my opinion. They added all new weapons, characters, missions, challenges, ,options, etc...

In number 4 it was the only game I would really play. It didn't have the best graphics or options. But when it came out it was the only game I would play.

In number 5 it was better. More characters, missions, options, improved graphics.

With number 6. I spent the most time on that one. Though the story for each character was shorter. It was good. Number 6 has the best graphics though. I liked that. And the cut-scenes were better. I did like how the missions were different for every single person.

In 4 & 5 they are mostly the same. But 6 changed it.

Except for a few things. Like how they changed most characters clothing and weapons. The one person that didn't need that is Xiahou Dun. I don't mind the clothing but his weapon changed from a kirin fang to a giant slow club thing.
Dian Wei's weapon changed from an axe to a ball on a chain. It was really slow and hard to fight with.

Dynasty Warriors is set in ancient China during the time of the 3 kingdoms era. The places were supposedly recreations of the ancient battles.

Their are 3 main factions you could choose from:

For Wei I thought they were just power hungry animals. In the story it looked that way to me. The person in charge Cao Cao would just invade everywhere and didn't care who he killed or betrayed.

For Wu they were just neutral. Not really bad or good. They would friend everyone then when the time was right they would strike and take people down. Couldn't really trust them.

For Shu though. They were the most noble and virtuous. They started off small. With only Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. But they grew when people noticed how good and helpful they were to the poor.
Dynasty Warriors 4
Dynaty Warriors 5
Dynasty Warriors 6

I also liked Dynasty Warriors Empires 4,5 & 6.

Those games were just like before. Except it's a giant map then you choose your army and lieutenants, commanders, etc..

And after you choose all that stuff you would choose what places to invade. You can also make alliances with other people. And if they get invaded then you can choose to send some troops in there and help them or just sit idly by and watch them get destroyed without helping them.

Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires
Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires
Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires

With Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce though. I think Koei ruined it. That game was just a huge letdown.
They added some new stupid things to the game: Triple jumping, something when you gain enough kills or whatever you would turn into something that looked like a super saiyan mode, flying in the air, new fighting style, new maps, new opponents.

With each one of those Koei just ruined it. The flying was unnecessary. That just made it look plain out fake.

With the new opponents I mean by animals. They added giant animals for you to fight against. That just made the game look retarded.

With Dynasty Warriors 7. I hope they fix all these unnecessary features and make it how it was in 6 but a few changes.


Posted Jan 4, '11 at 12:41pm



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Wow long... any way Mario. Not the ones where its al 3d but the side scroller are my fav. fun game with replay vaule


Posted Jan 4, '11 at 2:11pm



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I stopped playing console games for a while now. I had played metal gear solid 4 (ps3) all the way through did everything there was to do (unlocked big boss mask etc) it was a challenge and thats what I like in a game.

So for best game idk maybe best challenge would be metal gear solid 4. And if you've stuck with metal gear since day 1 and love the story you'll love it for what it is -- the total hours of cutscences is something like 8 hours!!! (can skip if you want lol)


Posted Jan 4, '11 at 6:17pm



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Gran Turismo Series (Excluding the PSP one. It was horrible.)
C'mon how can you not know the "Real Driving Simulator" I was addicted to it since GT1 for me at the time it was AMAZING, and when GT2 came out? My brain blew up into a pile of AWESOMENESS. All the cars. Preparation, Known Tracks and even the sometimes annoying Driver Licences.


Posted Jan 5, '11 at 12:46pm



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I don't know.Maybe my favourite game "Tales of Vesperia".i don't usually like JRPGs but i liked this one.I played it on xbox 360


Posted Jan 5, '11 at 1:03pm



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I like CoD for shooters and Dead rising 2 for being like dawn of the dead


Posted Jan 5, '11 at 11:42pm



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my favorite game is easily the kingdom hearts games. cant get enough of them


Posted Jan 6, '11 at 3:18am



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Super Mario Galaxy and it's sequel, all I can say is, WOW!


Posted Jan 6, '11 at 7:06am



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i would say brotherhood for PS3 i know that it is awable on other but i like it as
the story is realy good and is makes you hoked to it to see what happens next also their is lots of side missions on it so it will take a while to complete it.
also in each level you can compleate it but not compleatly ie getting onmly 50% rather than 100% so most level you have to go back and do again which make this game last longer also it has has online i is good the idea of stoking your pray so that they don't see you and getting point for skill kills and quiet kill unlike most online game
overale i would give it a 10/10 and one of my fav games ever along with red dead

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