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Your AG wishlist

Posted Jun 10, '11 at 3:40am



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[quote]1: Pass up Hyper (COMPLETED)

2: Pass up Noobs (COMPLETED)

3: Become the highest ranked player in my D&D group (COMPLETED)

4: Pass up Tacky (COMPLETED)

5: Unlock my target Armatar, the Hydra (COMPLETED)

6: Pass up Mage (In Progress)

7: Pass up Moon (In Progress)

8: Pass up Ernie (In Progress)

9: Pass up firetail_madness (In Progress)

10: Do it all before AG3 (Like Hell I Could.....)

I can haz 5 cookie?

Posted Jun 10, '11 at 4:54am



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You need to ask the right people, buddy.

*gives cookies*

Number 10 is useless, being merely a fulfillment of all previous objectives.


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 7:26am



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More points than firetail_madness and to submit a game.


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 7:39am



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Next personal achievement would be to reach Gold Lord (although I quite enjoy being Steel Lord, sounds nifty :P). Posts are not an achievement because I want to be able to post when I want to say something and not only for the point. Also, I already have the armatar of my dreams (out of the AG available ones, a personal uploadable would be great too), so that's done already too


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 7:49am



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Well... 1. To reach 4500 AP, 2. To get 1250 comments, 3. To get to rank #320, which already seems to have happened :P


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 7:49am



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To much to say in one post. But I don't want someone to consider it as spam so I just say the most important.

-Be the link-emperor of AG.

-Unlock all Armatars.

-Rank #100 and better.

-Gold Prince.

-Make many popular games.

-Get a merit or more.

-Gold King.

-Be the highest ranked game-maker on AG.

-Get respect.

-Rank #10 or better.

-Join WoM; but not be a Mod.

-Make Armatars.

-Run great threads.

-Work for AG.

-Get rank #1 and stay there.

-Run the most clubs.

-Evolve my Armatar.

-Get most friends.

-Make AG to a more popular site.

-Run the greatest clubs.

-Run the clubs with most members.

-Make great suggestions for updating AG.


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 11:24am



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My goals are

1.Get 1000 posts before AG3.
2.Get better at writing and start a story here on AG.
3.Get more known around the forums.

I'm pretty sure that 2 might never happen well the start a story part, not the get better writing part.


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 11:33am



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Alright, I got it:

3. Get into the top 300 in rank.


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 11:38am



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I want to get a personalized armatar. Or at least find one I like.


Posted Jun 10, '11 at 12:54pm



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1) I want to have 2000 posts
2) Win the Haiku contest

Thats all I want.

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