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Favorite Music From A Movie?

Posted Dec 1, '12 at 10:26pm



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'What I've Done' By Linkin Park

Favorite Band. Anyway I forgot to mention The Pirates of the Carribean and also Transformers.

Posted Dec 1, '12 at 11:23pm



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Also in addition to the gladiator theme I also like braveheart and Hedwig's theme... :3


Posted Dec 2, '12 at 11:47am



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the music for jaws.
This is apparently a true story:
After "bruce" the mechanical shark broke down for the tenth time, spielberg walked into john williams office and said "Okay, we don't have a shark. What have you got?" John Williams walked over to his piano and went "dur dum. dur dum. dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum...."


Posted Jun 23, '13 at 5:38pm



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I've already mentioned that 85 % of my collection is made of soundtracks and film scores. I used to listen to Once Upon a Time in the West before bed time and Star Wars especially, I went nuts when I first heard the music in the cinema, I listened to it so much that I could tell which part of the movie they were at just by listening to it. I have so many compilations as well.
My all time favorite though was Star Tracks on vinyl. It had the themes from Battlestar Galactica, Alien, Superman, the Black Hole, Meteor, Star Trek, Star Wars, and a few more.
I digitized it because it started to sound like eggs in a frying pan. I removed 90% of the scratches, pops, and clicks and it still sound great!

I'd like to make a new compilation with some music from the Basic Instinct and the Sixth Sense soundtracks, I just haven't found another one that would go well with them.
I must have made 250 compilations since I converted to CD recording.
I made probably 500 on audio tape, a technology I haven't used since the CD.

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