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Yggdrasil (a "Cut the Tree" Game)

Posted Feb 10, '13 at 3:34pm



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Ugh im on a tablet with spell check


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 3:42pm



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Ugh im on a tablet with spell check

Do you... do you mean to say that you like your terrible grammar?

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Hey, I'm just glad I finally got my character sorted out with Blade. Take your time, man.


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 7:03pm



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here it is, the long awaited reply (sorry 'bout last night)

I walk up to the nature touched and say "hello there people, sorry about that last attack it went awry from my plan..." and hand them all a nice cloak to have then run away...

this is too ridiculous to be your handiwork.

anyways i test my powers out at 50% then put on my suit and have my dragon telepot us to the tree and then have him smash the rest of the ground flat and then i use my powers at 100% at the tree and the suit ampliflys the strengh of it and i have my dragon use his incresed dark-fire atack which when fused with my power should form an extremly powerful atack which is boosted by the suit

welcome to the big leagues pokemon.


Thaboss lifts himself up in the air for dramatic effect. While floating, he takes atoms and rams them together at incredibly high speeds, simultaneously fusing them and creating particles of antimatter. Thaboss makes sure to keep these particles in a vacuum to avoid annihilation with matter. Bit by bit, thaboss slowly creates more and more antiparticles. Eventually, like a potter shaping clay, thaboss shapes these antiparticles into an exact antimatter replica of Epic. (except it's not alive). Thaboss infuses this antiepic with high energy antiparticles of light and dark magic, which are very reactive against each other. When thaboss is done, he uses his Rider magic (remember he started off as a Rider before all this, he still has his dragon! He forgot about that..) to teleport the being into the exact spot Epic is occupying right now, and removes the vacuum placed around it. The reaction is spectacular, completely annihilating epic and antiepic. Thaboss would assume that he is near the tree, and a large part of it is destroyed too. Normally, a much larger explosion would occur from so much anitmatter, possibly enough to destroy the whole planet, but thaboss is taking into account the defenses of the tree.

epic is hurt severely from this.


In that case, I summon Smaug, the ancient red dragon from The Hobbit.... ( a good movie) and I put myself on it and ride into battle, Scorching the tree (or at least attempt to)
In addition, my squire attacks GeminiDelta

reference attacks do less damage.


Well, all that's left is the guards... first, let's wall them all from escaping with solid light, then Charge up a shot, shoot it into the wall (by quickly making a hole in it), and watch it bounce around hitting everyone trapped inside. "That takes care of that."

all that remains now is the warlord. he won't be as easy, and he just activated the palace defense system.

Gemini casts Phase Shift on herself and the two defenders, transforming them at a celluar level, changing them into a freaky liquid form of themselves, allowing them to slip out of the choke collar simultaneously. She then casts Phase Shift again to reverse the spell back into solid form. Bingo! Easy! Now, Epic, CRUSH THABOSS.


Now that Epic is free to move again, he reaches into subspace for his ultimate weapon. "Thaboss! You are a fine opponent indeed! I've not seen such power! But now, you have the opprotunity to witness PURE power!" And with that he unsheathes the Zodiac Sword. With a blade fused with the 12 birthstones and featuring a unique calender-shaped guard, this sword contains the power of all 12 signs. One most only spin the calender to activate an attack. Before that, note that Epic's garb morphs into a rather modest robe engraved again with the 12 signs, a deceptively powerful piece of armor. "Alright, spin to win!" He heaves the calender guard with all his might.

you get 1, which is the leo. the fire burns him.

-30hp: Thaboss

Killersup will first summon his friendly yeti army to come from their mountains and surround Epic & friends. The yeti's will harass Epic & friends* from a distance. While distracted by the yetis, Killersup will stop time and take a nice little stroll down to EPIC with time frozen. Seeing his face up close will be a pleasure. Killersup will appear before EPIC with time un-frozen. The step he takes back at the "magically" appearing/ good looking Killersup will have him fall the great distance to Hell it's self. It is always nice un-freezing a few yetis to dig a trench. When EPIC wakes from his little fall he will find himself with both of his arms outstretched by undead soldiers.Killersup will then use his final turn of the ring demon before re-juicing it by taking a piece of this massive amount of devil energy and condensing it. Killersup will then have one of his undead soldiers then break EPIC's jaw. So he cannot resist. Killersup will then freeze time and push this giant amount of deathly energy into EPIC's mouth, then walk far away. Very far. Very very very very very very very very far. Very far. Then un-freeze time. Without it's previous owner to hold the immense amount of energy it will expand, and explode. Inside of EPIC. ka-boom.

well, it isn't 60 damage this time.

-80hp: Epic (remember, touched have 250hp)

Oh, you've done it now. First, I nick some power from the tree (I need it more). Next, I create a massive plateau that is just big enough to hold the tree, but nothing else. Then, I jump up into a handy wormhole that just appeared for me, and remotely rupture the Earth's crust. I close the wormhole and laugh quietly from my epic space station.

someone else did something similar to this a while ago. I'll ask you the same thing I asked them, "where did the space station come from?"

Temporarily disabled: (Kinda like Lose-A-Turn)

Norse Gods: (Users who are allowed to change the universe)
Bladerunner679 (New Creator)

Norse Prophets: (player side-jobs)
TheEPICgameKING (Dot Calculator)

Norse Heroes: (Epic Players)

Demi-Gods: (players who have earned my respect)

Noble Warriors: (Not-as-Epic-but-still-epic Players)

Elementalists: (Evolved Noble warriors)

Elemental Sages (ultimate elemental masters):

Dark Mages: (Mages with dark powers)

Shades: (ultimate dark mages)

Tormentors (ultimate force of evil):

Good Mages: (Mages with beneficiary powers)

Angels: (ultimate good mages)

Archangels (ultimate force of

Arcane Elite (those who have mastered magic itself):

Nature TouchedTree's sworn Guardians)

Undead: (Dead but put back to life)

current Dead/Banned: (Dead for a reason...)

Tree:2,495,356,858,850 HP

Ground Condition: dry
Wind: none

Posted Feb 10, '13 at 7:52pm



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I have a clever, awesome idea...

I conjure up three Dark Bears, approximately the size of polar bears, that meld into the ground as shadows, the come back up in the shadows of the three Nature Touched. When they arrive, they use their mighty Polar Bear-like strength to bear hug them and lift them into the air, preventing them from escaping and slowly crushing their bones. While the Dark Bears crush the defenders, I teleport between them, slashing them with two sets of dark claws. After a while, I grow bored of goring defenders with claws and teleport back, having the dark bears spiral into the sky, turn towards the tree, then careen directly into the tree. After the bears slam them against the tree, I convert them into dark shackles to allow me to manipulate their bodies, proceeding to pin them against the tree in a cross shape. Once I do this, I convert the shackles into giant dark spears to crucify the three to the tree.


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 10:00pm



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Well let's see... I want to first try redirecting one of the lasers to hit an auto turret from where i'm standing to see if it's the kind that burns or just a sensor.


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 10:09pm



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Hey uh... Bladey? I just shot like, infinite magic into the tree and you missed it?


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 10:21pm



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I just realized, we have one good mage as opposed to three dark mages, two Shades and a Tormentor. If SubZero went back to just Archangel, that would definitely balance out the upper tier, but then we'd need either one converted Shade or two Angels if we wanted to balance light and dark.


Posted Feb 10, '13 at 10:29pm



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Technically I'm both a good mage and a dark mage.


Posted Feb 11, '13 at 12:27am



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everyone please check epic's profile...

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