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Yggdrasil (a "Cut the Tree" Game)

Posted Mar 6, '13 at 7:59pm



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How'd the chocolates taste?

Can Killersup just recharge his ring for this turn? Like walk into a swag convention and devour each and everyone of their souls.


Posted Mar 7, '13 at 9:42am



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mmm, *nom nom* tasty chocolate...


whaddayamean the box isn't edible?


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 7:48am



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thatssss a niccccce light chassssser youve got there it would be a shshshame if sssssomething were to happen to it ssss boom lol


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 8:34am



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I will kill you with my diamond sword.

*do you like my sword sword/yeah my diamond sword sword/the question was rhetorical/I am the oracle/I know you like my sword*


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 3:32pm



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Hey, let Pokemon be a creeper. Maybe he'll be good at his job and suicide bomb himself.


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 10:00pm



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sorry about this taking so long. I've been trying to do two things:
1.get a girlfriend
2.get at least a B in all my classes

Now back to the game

I plug my suit into a perfect clean-energy generator I made before I descended from Arcane Elite. I over charge it to 500% capacity, and put all the power into the shields and boosters. I shoot myself as a projectile towards the tree at Mach 5. (The speed of sound times 5.) Once I am deep inside the tree, I go to town inside the tree with explosives, guns, swords, and knives. Then I fly back out of the tree to my secret base.

where did you get a secret base? the attack itself doesn't seem like anything special.


I set up some golems to attack the tree and some which will makemore tree-attacking golemse. (DoT?)

(with epic gone, I'll need a new calculator) unless the golems have the magical ability to breathe life into dirt (nobody has that ability at the moment) then no new golems can be made.


What I do is I make some lightning minions (If I don't have the power to summon those, then just basic fire minions...) but when I summon them (3 to be exact) I summon them inside the hole that sub made. Then, I basically use the bomb minion used against the nature touched on the inside of the tree, with hopes of damage.

your hopes aren't in vain.


Let's see... assuming the laser grid's still active, I can try burning a hole into the safe.... but that'd be boring. instead, I create a sphere of darkness and light and try using that to drill into the saferoom.

the saferoom's walls aren't giving. you're going to need to hit it really hard.

really blade only that much for all of those atacks wait is that because of my grammer or something but really im not the best speller just be glad your not seeing my handwriteing also now i go on a quest to fuse with my dragon so i can have its powers along with mine and my darkness powers will be amplified by all of the dark energy that will bond with the energy i already have but before i start doing the quest i modify my darkness suit so it will be able to hold the new body i will have witch will have wings (no where near full size though) claws on my fingers super sharp senses being able to hold my breathe for a long long time elongated jaws filled with sharp teeth a tail with spikes on the end some long spikes on my back much thicker skin whitch is blood red for no reson very strong bones and of course telepathic comunocation and taloned feet (yeah buying clothes will be very very hard) yeah but of course im not that yet thats why im going on this quest

use. periods. like. this. period. anyway, the suit will be finished with the mods after the quest.

Thaboss walks backwards up the staircase. Just to see if it works.

it doesn't, but you notice something odd. a distortion in the air around you. that might be a clue as to how to solve it.

Can Killersup just recharge his ring for this turn? Like walk into a swag convention and devour each and everyone of their souls.

sure, I'll give you that. just remember, the more you feed it, the more willpower it gains.

Temporarily disabled: (Kinda like Lose-A-Turn)

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Undead: (Dead but put back to life)

current Dead/Banned: (Dead for a reason...)

Tree:2,495,356,113,850 HP

Ground Condition: dry
Wind: none

Posted Mar 8, '13 at 10:24pm



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hmm... what do I have... oh there's a thought. well, if I can't go directly to the safe, there's a second option. I target the wall with my drill to try to make a doorway in.


Posted Mar 8, '13 at 11:04pm



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Dang it, Blade! I want an army! Fine, time to call in reinforcements...

I call in the nearest KLC Incorporated space station to align itself with this world to start dropping in reinforcements in the form of my army of android super-soldiers armed with KLC Inc.'s best mass-produced weapon, the KLC-42 Shotsniper. This will most likely take several turns to bring in the space station, as well as only dropping 1-6 soldiers per turn.


Posted Mar 9, '13 at 10:59am



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where did you get a secret base?

I think I made it to develop a poison for the tree, and it lay mostly unused for awhile.

I put Epic and Gemini into stasis pods in my base. I don't want anyone attacking them while they are gone. (It's just not fair.)
Now... for my attack. I fly to the nearest star, and use a machine to create a small black hole at the center. This will result in mass being swallowed from the star until it destabilizes, and explodes, destroying the entire solar system it had lit up. As the mass is being swallowed by the black hole, I go to my secret base and teleport the entire base to the nearest life-sustaining planet outside the blast radius of the star.

Posted Mar 9, '13 at 11:19am



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Hey blade, can I go on a quest to become an arcane elite?

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