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Yggdrasil (a "Cut the Tree" Game)

Posted Jun 13, '13 at 3:46pm



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I attempt to become a noble warrior


Posted Jun 13, '13 at 3:48pm



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am I glitching or is my attack not showing up if its not then ill try this gain I attempt to become a noble warrior if it does and im just glitchy then just ignore this post


Posted Jun 15, '13 at 10:03pm



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*exits game*

If you wish to act in a less childish manner in the future and wish to return, you may.

am I glitching or is my attack not showing up if its not then ill try this gain I attempt to become a noble warrior if it does and im just glitchy then just ignore this post

No worries, AG was being difficult for you. It happens to everyone. You start your quest for being a noble warrior by asking around town for any beast to slay (Nobles can be made by defeating monsters.)Only to find that a man-bear-pig has been terrorizing a local village.

I jab the tree with a pufferfish spine, and then with another, and then I get a robot to repeatedly use the spines on the tree. (Yay, increasing DoT!)

Unfortunately, the ironbark protected the tree from your puffer spines.

Danwar, you just said you used a chainsaw. you never did pick a target.

Ten points for Slytherin!

I begin by forming the water into a little ball, and then extend it's length until it is the shape of a "C" curve that is one atom thick. I then launch the water at an extremely high velocity towards the tree (thus making the first "water blade")

Thatâs actuallyâ¦a really good idea. The treeâs ironbark protects it from most of the damage, but it was cut through a little way.


May I request you stop controlling my actions?

Perfectly fine. Thank you for asking in a civilized manner, and if you feel it gets out of hand again please talk to Killersup on his messenger.

Anyway, let's see what the other person starts the duel off with. (and when I said I turned invisible, I ment I literally showed up at the time and place of the duel invisible.)

Although you are invisible, the other person has such a high degree with magic that they feel your presence through the waves of energy that you give off, and he sends a circular ball of flame in your direction.

I form nexus spheres around the soldiers and crush them by collapsing said spheres.

The soldiers decompose on sight. They SHOULD no longer be a threat...for the mean time.

I try to find out if there are any fabled Earth weapons out there. I also attack the tree's with my rock arms, punching the bark with force. I try to dig a tunnel towards its roots and try to crush some of them.

Youâre an Earth guy, Killersup likes that. Yes, the legendary sledgehammer of the Gods. Legend has it that a great warrior used it long ago to wage war against all enemies. Some say it even had the power to create earthquakes when it strikes upon the ground. It is said in the legend that it is held high above the ground, in a monument held by a statue of the warrior. On top of mount Herculiosu .

You were unable to dig underneath the ground due to the volcanic crust that was just encircled upon the tree by another player. Your punches are strong, but not near enough to hurt the ironbark of the tree.

Temporarily disabled: (Kinda like Lose-A-Turn)

Norse Gods: (Users who are allowed to change the universe)
killersup10 (New Creator)

Norse Prophets: (player side-jobs)
TheEPICgameKING (Dot Calculator)

Norse Heroes: (Epic/ good looking Players)

Demi-Gods: (players who have earned my respect)

Noble Warriors: (Not-as-Epic-but-still-epic Players)

Elementalists: (Evolved Noble warriors)

Elemental Sages (ultimate elemental masters):

Dark Mages: (Mages with dark powers)

Shades: (ultimate dark mages)

Tormentors (ultimate force of evil):

Good Mages: (Mages with beneficiary powers)

Angels: (ultimate good mages)

Archangels (ultimate force of

Arcane Elite (those who have mastered magic itself):

Nature TouchedTree's sworn Guardians)

Undead: (Dead but put back to life)

current Dead/Banned: (Dead for a reason...)


Weather:lots of clouds
Ground Condition: very moist
Wind: windy

Posted Jun 15, '13 at 10:18pm



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I attempt to set the tree on fire by pouring gasoline around it, and then setting the gasoline on fire with matches.


Posted Jun 15, '13 at 11:58pm



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I drop the illusion of not being there and raise a solid wall of light in front of me to block the attack, then push that wall towards him along with a few spears made of solid darkness.


Posted Jun 16, '13 at 3:05am



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for my next trick, I place my hand upon the tree, and using my knowledge of water power and biology, I force a stop in the tree's roots from moving more water into the tree. this will interrupt the tree's transpiration cycle, and in addition, the tree's photosynthetic cycle.

hopefully, this will do some damage.



Posted Jun 16, '13 at 6:41am



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I start the quest to obtain the Gods' Warhammer by asking directions to Mount Herculiosu by asking directions. I then start to travel towards it.


Posted Jun 17, '13 at 8:24am



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Me magnetosta...

I make some fire drill hand thingies and make a pretty deep hole, then magneto some metal out of the earth. I then go up to the tree and plaster some metal over it, then melt it, and when it cools, blast it with fire and slight electricity because metal is conductive.


Posted Jun 19, '13 at 11:31pm



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Would you look at the time! Its almost that celebratory time of the week again where everything gets judged and what not.


Posted Jun 21, '13 at 9:16am



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yays! I can't wait to see what my attack did. Also, I have an add on to the attack.

When the metal inevitably melts, I magneto it into spikes to puncture the bark.

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