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"OvC" Song Battle # 16 : Immigrant Song (Page 19)

Posted Oct 5, '12 at 3:33am



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To start! I must say...each version was amazing!

MJ: Just makes me want to dance! A song that when you hear the just want to break out singing with it and not care who cares

AAF: Their style works much better for the lyrics of the song...definitely gets the blood pumping more and adds that extra level of excitement.

Garrett: Gives the song an Epic sound...and gave me goosebumps during the chorus section. Oh and cowbell...I mean..come on!

My vote...Alien Ant Farm

Their sound, in my opinion, fit much more with the song


Posted Oct 5, '12 at 8:39pm



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ow mrdaycee, what are you doing to me?
making me choose between 2 perfect songs. =/

so yea. 3rd is david, nice try but it doesn't hit it.

but MJ or alien.... seriously i don't know wich to choose.
MJ is classic, it's a creepy guy but his music is almost always perfect.(like MM) and so is this song.
alien made 1 of the best covers out there. really toke the song apart, repainted it, and glued it back together perfectly.
the song is more my style then MJ's version. so i think i'm going for alien here.
in numbers it would be a 9,9 for alien. and 9,8 for MJ.


Posted Oct 6, '12 at 6:02pm



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I'll give David Garrett a vote. I feel like it would be harder to play that song on the violin than it would be to sing it.


Posted Oct 7, '12 at 3:21am



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I too am going to vote for David Garrett. It just seems more special to me on the violin.


Posted Oct 8, '12 at 2:54pm



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Leaving my personal musical tastes aside, I think Alien Ant Farm does a good job with the cover of such an iconic song. I admit the band deserves some credit for that. However, I'm not really sure if I like the fast rhythm of this version. I don't dislike it, but for me it doesn't fit properly with the lyrics. Besides, the electric guitars are excessively noisy and that's too much for me.

There's nothing much left to say about the original song. It's just great. In my opinion, the slower rhythm suits the lyrics of this song much better and the way he sings adds more drama to the song. MJ was a really talented person and, obviously, an amazing dancer.

I've always been fascinated by the violin. I don't know why, but I love its sound. This is why I knew beforehand that I would enjoy David Garrett's version. It is amazing to listen to a song like this played by a whole orchestra. Needless to say, he's an extraordinary violin player. I admit that I was about to vote for this version until I replayed it a few times and realized something: though I like the energetic spirit of this version, somehow it tires me (if that actually makes any sense). Maybe this shouldn't be the main reason why I don't vote for his version, but that is the way things are...

So once again, my vote goes to the original one: Michael Jackson.


Posted Oct 9, '12 at 10:45am



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Here comes my vote...

Michael: Just cool seeing him rock the fedora. I could do without the pause in the video, but that's not part of the song so I'll disclude that in my reasoning... Have always liked this song, have never really understood it. I mean I get the "story" but, why is it a song? lol.

Alien Ant Farm: I love the Michael tributes throughout the song. I really like what they did with the song as well. However if I need to find reasons to vote for one rather than the other, I'm not sure I like this guy's voice..

David Garrett: Very pleasantly surprised.. I like people like him that take a very large step outside of their proposed musical box. It keeps music fun and fresh when you can still be surprised after all these years. That's the kind of music I can get into.


3) Alien Ant Farm - Nothing at all against them, but someone has to be 3rd, and they are it. Mostly I guess because I don't care for the lead singer all that much. Still love the song though.

2) Michael Jackson - I think the only reason I'm voting him in 2nd is because I guess I'm just not a fan of the lyrics. You could have the same lyrical flow and have a song that makes a bit more sense to me. Still love the song though.

which means my vote goes to

1) David Garrett - what better way to improve a song I don't like the lyrics to than to not do any lyrics at all. I'm voting for Garrett due to the freshness and open mindedness of what he did. He didn't take anything away from the song, still changed it to make it his and still nailed it.

So my vote - David Garrett (Drat you DayCee! lol)

Excuse me while I go look up some more David Garrett songs..


Posted Oct 9, '12 at 5:36pm



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really toke the song apart, repainted it, and glued it back together perfectly.

This is the perfect way to describe Alien Ant Farm's cover. It's similar enough to the original so that you know it's the same song, but it's different enough from the original so that at the same time it's a completely different song. The group does a better job with giving the song a tense and ominous feel than Michael does.

David's version also shows tension well, but it sounds to me like he's narrating the story too objectively. I don't know how I got that just from violin music, but maybe my musical ear is more powerful than I know.

Posted Oct 9, '12 at 6:42pm



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Up top ilberic!

I didn't like the sound of the lyrics. Actually, I couldn't stand them at all. I actually was not going to vote if there wasn't an instrumental, that is how bad it was to me. So David Garrett's one by far for me. His was the only one I could stand.


Posted Oct 10, '12 at 8:01am



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Michael Michael Michael

I really liked AAF's version when it came out, I was quite impressed. They seemed quite real and enjoyed making the music, you can tell.

The Garrett version was pretty cool, seemed very much like a gimmick and was more for the audience, but it was well pulled off nonetheless.

Michael wins for me, the dance, the moves, sheer captivating awesome. I never liked the blue bit in the middle, its like an uncomfortable silence for me, but I think thats one intended effect.

So MJ gets my vote here.


Posted Oct 11, '12 at 8:09am



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So many votes!!! 14 in total!!! (O.o) Let me take a second to treasure this moment...

... ...

Oh my... Thanx to all voters for your continuing participation! This really keeps me excited to keep this thread going when seeing so many people contributing to it in the way they do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! *bows humble*

@ Cranium80 : I'll count your vote this time around, but try to elaborate a little on why you vote for a certain artist the next time around, ok?

Allright, on with the score count!

5 - Michael Jackson (Original version)
5 - Alien Ant Farm (Cover version)
4 - David Garrett (Cover version)

Sooooo close!!! All three artists have a go for the win in this battle, each with their own style and interpretation of the original MJ song, but only one can win...

So take the opportunity to decide this battle and state your votes people! =)

Will Michael Jackson take the lead? Will Alien Ant Farm then make it a tie again or take over themselves?! Or will David Garrett surprise us all and surpass the two of them to go home victorious in the end?!

You decide! VOTE!!!

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