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Many of us all have some knowledge about the Munich Olympic Massacre which occurred in 1972, 40 years ago. In this tragedy against peace and sportsmanship, Palestinian terrorists entered the Olympic Village and killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic Team. 40 years later, the survivors of this injustice and the relatives of the victims are only asking for one minute of silence to remember the athletes who where killed. However the IOC have turned them down time after time after time claiming it would make the Games, "too political." However, as Representative Nita Lowey of New York states, "For those of the IOC who say that this (moment of silence) is political, I would say just the opposite: If this were any nation other than Israel, there would have been a moment of silence long ago." And I believe this to be the unfortunate case, because, in the aftermath of the killings in 1972, the Arab nations refused to have any hand in the mourning of the athletes, showing that they supported these murders.

Do you think that the Munich 11 (as they are so immortalized) deserve one minute of silence? Or do you think the IOC is correct in attempting to allow the massacres to fade from memory?

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