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I decided to make a forum RPG based on two popular zombie books, called "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z", written by Max Brooks and Three Rivers Press. This is a game that has the players telling about what they do each day in a Class 4 outbreak, or a world overrun by the zombie-creating virus Solanum, and already created zombies. You would give information on your "avatar"(character you play as) and then say where you would live and what your weapons are. You can team up with other players and make a colony, or be a loner, but either way, your choices effect what happens in your zombie-infested world.

You do not need to know about the the books this is based on, you just need to like RPG's, forum games, or zombies.

<Rules and Guidelines>
1. You control your choices and your character, but I control the zombies.
2. Your character must be an average human being. No futuristic items. No amazing abilities. No half-zombie crossbreeds.
3. You may have previous training with weapons, or military experience. You may also be in the military, but you may not have access to experimental weapons.

4. The game world is my world, and under my control, you just play in it.

Side Note: Only destrying the brain kills a zombie.

Note: Small= 6 inch - 2 feet, Mid-sized= 2-4 feet, Large/Long= 5 feet+

<Available Weapons>
(You may start with: 2 melee weapons; 1 firearm (gun); and either an explosive or fire source.)

>Melee Weapons<
(You may choose one melee weapon twice to dual-wield)
1. Dai-Katana Two-handed long katana
2. Katana Mid-sized razor sharp sword (think samurai sword)
3. Claymore Extra-long extra-heavy sword
4. Shaolin Spade(counts for two weapons) A six-foot long pole with a fanned blade on one side, and a crescent blade on the other end.
5. Mace A mid-sized club with a spiked ball on the end.
6. Battle-Axe A mid-sized weapon with a large, heavy axe blade on the end.
7. Spear/Javelin A 5-foot long pole with an 8-inch long spear tip. Can be thrust or thrown.

1. Sniper Rifle Long range(up to 300 meters)rifle with scope. 25 pounds
2. All-Use Rifle Mid range (up to 100 meters accurate typical rifle. Weighs less than Sniper. 15 pounds
3. Assault Rifle Mid range, has automatic fire, but uses ammo quickly, and is harshly inaccurate over 50 meters. 20 pounds
4. Shot Gun Very short to short range (buckshot is very short (25meters) and a slug is short (50 meters)) harshly inaccurate. 15 pounds
5. Pistol Short range, quite inaccurate. 5 pounds
6. Crossbow Short range, silent, and comes with a scope. 10 pounds
7. Handbow Very short range, silent (miniature crossbow) no scope. 3 pounds

Note: You may have one fire sorce and one ignitable, or only one explosive.

>Fire sources and Explosives<

1. Matches 15 uses, reliable.
2. Lighter 15 uses, water proof.
3. Flint and Steel Unlimited, water proof, reliable, only creates a spark.
4. Blow Torch 60 uses, 1 use per second (average ignition time: 2 seconds) reliable, waterproof, but 2% chance of explosion.

1. Molotov Cocktails 5 uses, continual burning on surface hit.
2. Gasoline Dousing 10 uses, much like cocktail, but may spread to surrounding area.
3. Flamethrower Bolth a fire sorce and a ignitable, same rules as blowtorch. Weighs 70 pounds. 25% chance of splashback.
4. Aerosols (bodyspray) Same as blowtorch, 5 uses, stronger than Flamethrower and blowtorch, 50-75% splashback.

1. Fragmentation Granades 10 grenades, not very efective against zombies.
2. Claymore Mine 10 units, same as grenade, but in mine form.

If you would like to make a special request for a weapon, please ask me first.

You start with:
1 months rations
5 days water
2-way radio
8-inch knife (can double as a weapon)
5-inch knife
Throwing daggers (4)
Small hatchet (log-splitting, possibly weapon or throwing)
Machette (it's to dull to cut flesh, but can cut vines. Maybe if you sharpen it, it can cut flesh.)
Candels (3)

Other items can be given upon request, but ask first.

<Fortress/Living Quarters>
Please tell me where you want to set up your camp/fort (fort for multiple people) so I may take that into account, or if you want some help in chosing a good terrain, please feel free to talk to me.

Note: You do not need to know anything about the books this is based on, you just need to like RPG's, zombies, or Forum games.

This topic is the game! You are free to join in at any time, and the one thing that I require is that you come in ready to play, and ready to take down some zombies!

I feel I must remind everyone to keep the described violence, gore, and mature material to a minimum, or at least have some warning of the content that you will describe. Language should be kept to a PG rating, so basicaly, if they beep it out on T.V., don't use it. Explicit sexual or adult material will, of course, be flaged, and your expultion from the game will be nessessary. All forum rules will be followed, and all activity will be monitored. However, please feel free to be creative in your responses, just don't reveal the "brutal details". Stabbing a zombie is okay, but don't say what else happens to it's zombie body. Please be creative in your responses, though.

Happy Hunting,

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