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"You wake up in a world you don't recognize after an accident and you start to see so of your favorite super heroes and villains from (Marval, D.C comics, ETC). A few days after the accident you get into your first fight, where you have a choice to make, go down the path of good and become a super hero, go down the path of evil and be a super villain or be undecided and be a 'for hire assassin'. It's your choice, and you choice will change life as you know it.

This is the races you can choose from (Mavel, D.C, ETC)
Human: they have no abilities
Skrull (I think that is how you spell it): Humanoid aliens who can shape shift. They are enemy's to the Cree, and they serve the Hive mother
Cree: The Cree are super genetic humanoid aliens who have had a long standing feud with the Skrull. They serve the Surpemore (I think that is how you spell it)
Genetically altered human: there are two kind in this race, accidental and on purpose. They have a long range of powers, but they have only one power, (thought if you count The Invisible Woman, they can have two or more powers)
Mutants: Mutant are humans who have the X-gene, and they also a wide range of power as well, from super healing, to psychic abilities like mind reading to levitation. However, some mutant use weapons along with there power, like Gambit and his ability to make anything into an explosive.
Super Being: Super being are like Super Man, or Green Lantern, people born or give there power, but don't fall under Mutants or the genetically altered humans. Martians are also in this one as-well

Character sheet:
Alter ego(aka you super hero/villain name:
Ability( Fill this if you choose super being, mutant, Skrull, genetically altered human):
Bio (as the name says, it is where you put your story before the accident:
Looks (eye color (if you have eyes), skin tone(if you didn't choose Cree or Skrull), hair color(if you have hair), height, and body type( please delete):

After you make your character, this is what your sheet will look:

Name: Adam Kane
Alter Ego: Shadow Gun
Age: 17
Race: Mutant
Power: Can shape shift into a raven, a wolf and a knight. (the wolf and the raven have their own personality's) can summon a sword/shield or a bow/quiver with arrows.
Hero/ villain scale: undecided
Items: bag, white shirt, blue jeans, white running shoes.

Rules: You may attack anyone in the game but it may take a long time to finish the battle so don't. You may chat with other players in this game. You can't help other player in battle, thought you can help the CPU's that I control. Only attack your enemy's never your allies (this rule only applies to heroes) I you fail to fallow these rules who may get kick/banned from this game. I will tell you if you have been banned.

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