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To all of you in the good old U.S. of A., tomorrow is national Election day.
While I am very strongly set in my political and moral beliefs, this thread isn't about that. This is about exercising your right as an American citizen to voice your opinion on who should lead the nation for the next four years. Even if you dislike both/all of the available choices, you should vote anyway - don't waste your opportunity.

Your right to vote is a hard-won privilege. Countless American soldiers have sacrificed their lives ever since the Revolutionary War to ensure that all Americans, present and future, have the Rights and Freedoms that we enjoy and take for granted today. The people of many foreign nations would gladly give their right arm for a chance to choose their leadership the way you and I are about to. Too many Americans today are, deliberately or otherwise, not conscious of this fact, and as a result they assume a decidedly glib attitude towards the right to vote and the other freedoms they enjoy.

I will address one &quotolitical" point here: fraud and intimidation. Some people are under the false impression that cheating at the polls is an acceptable means to a win. IT IS NOT. Committing acts of voter fraud or intimidation disgraces the freedom being able to choose a government rather than having one foisted upon you, and it blatantly dishonors all those who have given their all to ensure your right to select your leadership. The rules regarding voting are in place to maintain order and to prevent one side or the other from "fixing" the election to their suit own ends. Disregarding these rules casts a shadow of illegitimacy over the entire process and assaults the rights of those who follow the election laws.

Tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to exercise a degree of power few others outside our nation are allowed as you cast your ballot and help decide the course of the nation. Use wisdom as you make your choices, follow the rules, be respectful to members of the other party, even if they win, and above all, remember those who defied an empire, spilled their blood, and ultimately forged the nation that has afforded you this Right, this Freedom you so enjoy today.


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