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Steps to learning to program

Posted Apr 1, '13 at 8:09pm



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I've seen alot of question about how to start making flash games but the real underlying problem is that people do not know how to program. I believe this stems from a lack of self direction rather then motivation. Thus I will try my best to provide resources for that struggle and you provide the motivation to learn.

Since this guide is intended to lead you to learning how to make flash games I believe it will be the best if we start out with java since the languages are similar.

Here we go,

1. Learn basic java programming with some basic OOP to boot. Make sure you are not only reading you need to also pratice, pratice, pratice.

2. Congratulation you are now a programmer albeit a beginner, you can solve simple problems and implement simple dynamic programs using basic OOP. Though you probably suck at actually coding in flash and as3. No problem, I got you covered. How to code neatly:
Classes in AS3 part 1
Classes in AS3 part 2
Classes in AS3 part 3
Classes in AS3 part 4

Are you still practicing you programming in as3 and java? Good, if not then pick up the slack...slacker.

3. Wow you can make programs? No longer is your code cheap scrambled spaghetti and is instead prime untangled strands of delicious linguini? Good we can move on. At this point you have all the tools and knowledge to create a game but not much experience so it will be a struggle as you hit all the bumps every programmer before you has hit. Your job is to work though those bumps and head toward the light.
Flash Game University is a decent book on how to make game it assume you can pretty much program and heads into the nitty gritty. I starts out with simple games like matching and then it get more complicated with platformers and more complex games.
The author provide the source files on the game on the website for buyers of the book but there is nothing stopping you from downloading them except your morals. There are tons of other resources for games if you Google them.

Also remember programming is not something you pick up quickly or every stop learning.

I hope this will help a few people, best of luck.


Posted Apr 1, '13 at 8:12pm



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I messed up the source file link. So here it is instead.


Posted Nov 11, '13 at 4:46am



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Thank you very much for this helpful post


Posted Mar 11, '14 at 7:50am



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Recently started teaching myself java (very recently, like 3 days into it lol), but came to this forum out of curiosity and figured I'd leave a link to the site I've been using. Been very helpful so far.


Posted Aug 23, '14 at 6:56pm



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I personally think that Java is a great language to start with, however C++ is even better, as it set the foundations of OOP and basically spawned all the other high-level programming languages. True, this is about Flash games, but it is dying out -- and soon will become obsolete, thanks to all the new features of HTML and JavaScript. In fact, some browsers are working on implementing C++ natively into them! (How cool is that!?)

In addition, C++ is the industry standard for games. From my personal experience, learning C++ first and then other languages will make your life a whole lot easier rather than vice versa -- learning Java first is simpler, sure, but when the time comes for you to move to C++, all those concepts will seem very foreign, and you'll quit. (At least for a while, anyway)

One thing is common, however whenever learning programming, wherever you start; practice all the time, as Darkroot mentioned.

Hope I offered some new insight!


Posted Feb 16, '15 at 4:30pm



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however C++ is even better

C++ is a great language to start learning but it has a MAJOR drawback: It's capabilities are massive. This sounds good but it is a nightmare for new programmers as the compiler will rarely fix your mistakes this way. Not to mention Logical errors, which will make the debugging process even more of a nightmare than it already is!

Of course it can be circumvented by starting from the beginning (ya know, simple stuff). I don't know about JAVA though.

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