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Hello armor gamers, and welcome to the *official* GFX Battle thread!

GFX is short for Graphics, this thread was made so that other members can partake in art contests. Here is how it will work:

I) A moderator will choose a theme and a finishing date.
II) Members who choose to partake in this event will make make artwork that fits the chosen theme.
III) After the contest is over, a moderator/moderators will overlook all submissions and choose a winner.
IX) The winner will be granted 25 Armor Points

Everyone can partake in this event no matter what programs they have, or do not have. Some may have nothing but MSpaint. That is ok! Remember that all submissions will be reviewed. Everyone has an even chance for winning.

I) Stick to the theme given
II) Posts in this thread must be related to the event.
III) The maximum size for a submission is 600x600, i recommend trying to make all submissions at 450x200.
IX) All entries must be in before the given date.
X) All images used in an images must not be copyrighted! If a submission is indeed copyrighted, it will be rejected, and the submitter will have to face moderation :P

Let the battles begin :P

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