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1. New players are always welcome.
2. This is single player.
3. You are welcome to do whatever you wish, as long as it doesnât break any rules. WHATEVER YOU WANT.
4. Read to the bottom of the page in case Iâve decided to add something to the CS.
5. Delete anything in brackets in the CS.
6. All starting scenarios are unique and specialized, based on your personality, bio, age, name, gender, and random factors. You may get classes and equipment right from the start if everything works.
7. I add all equipment and perk bonuses automatically.
8. If you do not like making personality/bio descriptions, Iâll add one for you. Youâll be the blandest, most uninteresting person ever though.

You are a mage, destined for greatness. The question is though, how will you achieve it? Will you be an infamous necromancer or a wise priest? Leader of armies or destroyer of armies?

Name: (What people call you.)
Age: (In between 12 and 50.)
Bio: (You add it.)
Personality: (You add it.)
Guild: Mageâs Guild. (You can get different guilds as time goes on. For now you only have the most basic guild for wizards.
Class: Mage (The most basic class for wizards.)
Exp: 0/10 (When you level up you get something. What you get you never know, but itâll always be at least arguably good. You are allowed to, out of character, request level-up bonuses.)
Perk: +5 to mana.
Stats: (Your different skills in magic. You have 25 points to add to each stat, 1 point=5 points for health)
Mana: 10 (How much magical energy you have.)
Health: 20 ( How big of a hit you can take.)
Speed: 5 (How fast you can move.)
Solid Manipulation: 0 (How well you can manipulate solids.)
Liquid Manipulation: 0 (How well you can manipulate liquids.)
Gas Manipulation: 0 (How well you can manipulate gases.)
Plasma Manipulation: 0 (How well you can manipulate plasmas. If you didnât know, lightning and fire are plasmas.)
Creation: 0 (How good you are at creating whatever. Once created you have no control over the object though.)
Life: 0 (How good you are at healing/creating/reviving life.)
Preferences: None (Any specific things youâre good at, like water within liquid manipulation.)
Inventory: Nothing (Anything which is in limited supply, e.i potions.)
Equipment: Brown cotton robes, pants, and shirt. Leather shoes. (Anything which is permanent, unless destroyed.)
Gold: 50 (The universal money. 1 gold is equivalent to the price of a chocolate bar in our world.)

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